Webinar Helps TA Leaders Collaborate with Hiring Managers

Could your hiring manager be the reason your top candidate just declined your job offer? Absolutely. In research commissioned by Modern Hire with 200 active job seekers, 32% indicated they declined a job offer within the past six months primarily because of the hiring experience itself. It takes skill and experience to deliver a great candidate experience during an interview, and not all hiring managers are up to speed in this area.

Hiring manager interviews were the focus of a recent Modern Hire webinar which offered TA leaders some tips on coaching their hiring managers. I found this tip to be one of the most valuable shared: Coach your hiring managers to avoid asking what could be considered oddball questions. Questions like, “If you were stuck on an island and could only have three things, what would you wish for?” have little relevance for most jobs, and send a signal to candidates that your hiring team isn’t all that serious. Let hiring managers know that “Why” questions are more appropriate and always valuable, since they can reveal insight into candidates’ thought process and decision-making in real-life situations.

5 Ways to Improve Collaboration with Your Hiring Managers

You and your hiring managers have a common goal: hire the best person as quickly as possible. Making your hiring managers into better interviewers is an important step to take. There are other strategies you can use as well to improve collaboration and align your managers with the hiring process you’ve designed:

  1. Show them how to increase engagement. The hiring manager plays a huge role in initial engagement of job candidates. At the interview stage, candidates are asking themselves, “What do I get from this role?” Hiring managers need to know this and be ready to impress. They must act as the sales person and the evaluator, all at the same time.
  2. Help them refresh their packaging. Social presence is critical. Candidates are selecting their next boss as well as the company and the role, and they’re researching the hiring manager’s reputation as a good leader and mentor. The same applies to colleagues in the department or division. The more your hiring team can be impressive and thorough with their social profiles, the better.
  3. No detail is too small. Candidates expect their interviewers to be prepared and on time. Set expectations up front with your hiring managers so they understand these details matter to candidates. Then, support them with the training, guidance, and checklists needed to make sure they can deliver. Manage your time during the interview so you can afford candidates plenty of time for that two-way conversation. And, make the most of each interview cycle so you don’t have to pull candidates back in for another round of interviews. Video interviewing technology can help you easily get all of your key hiring decision-makers into a single interview.
  4. Candidates won’t tolerate delays. Make sure your hiring managers understand the competitive marketplace we live in. Implement protocols that make it possible to act quickly to snap up a great candidate when they are available and attentive.
  5. Expand your conversation. Invite hiring managers in to understand the process and invite yourself into their world to understand their team. Spend time up-front on communicating and building your relationship.

When you help hiring managers understand their role in the hiring process, you gain a partner who pushes as hard as you do to make a great hire. Your candidates will appreciate their elevated hiring experience, and your collaboration will drive better hiring results.