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Virtual Hiring During COVID-19?

Virtual hiring during COVID-19 has spiked. According to a Gartner HR survey in April, 86% of organizations are doing virtual interviews. In many companies, the need to shelter in place only increased the use of purpose-built virtual hiring technologies their recruiting teams were already using for specific hiring scenarios. Other organizations have started using meeting platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for virtual interviews.

Over the short term, these platforms may get your team into virtual hiring. However, they’re a risky proposition for the long term, especially when you consider that virtual hiring isn’t likely to go away when the pandemic does. Here are three of the primary reasons to avoid using conferencing tech for virtual hiring during COVID-19:

#1. An inconsistent process that doesn’t scale for high-volume hiring

Conferencing tools work for interviewing a handful of candidates, but what happens when you have an applicant pool that runs into the hundreds or thousands? An enterprise hiring platform like Modern Hire allows recruiting teams to scale virtual interviews, pre-employment assessments, and virtual hiring up or down depending on applicant volume. It integrates tools like automated interview scheduling and automated candidate advancement, which take the weight of administration off the recruiting team and ensure candidates aren’t waiting around, or worse, dropping out before the next step in the process. When you need to accomplish high-volume hiring virtually, automation tools like these are an unparalleled solution that improves the hiring process.  

The other advantage is consistency. Interviews done over conferencing tools don’t have the structure provided by an enterprise hiring platform. That opens the door to a greater risk of bias and decreased fairness in hiring.

#2. Disjointed candidate experience 

For many candidates, this year has been an extremely stressful time. The last thing they expect is a complicated hiring process that requires them to use multiple separate systems. (Same goes for recruiters!) An enterprise hiring platform that integrates with your ATS can take candidates forward in a simple, seamless experience to your finish line. Consider the impression that recruiting teams are making with candidates by asking them to use Zoom instead of a branded platform that is designed for hiring. As recruiters know, that impression and the kinds of experiences candidates have will ripple far and wide through social media and employee referral programs. 

#3: Lack of secure, private communication 

Conferencing platforms like Zoom have had serious security and privacy issues in recent months. The potential of having virtual interviews “bombed” by external parties is a risk most organizations don’t want to take. Modern Hire delivers enterprise-grade data security using industry-recommended data protection methods to ensure all aspects of virtual interviewing and hiring done through the platform are secure and private for companies and their candidates. Also, Modern Hire’s data protection policies comply with a host of global regulatory requirements, including EEO, AA, GDPR, and the Privacy Shield framework. 

Modern Hire’s platform improves your bottom line

When you engage with a platform like Modern Hire for virtual hiring during COVID-19, you can expect to see a bottom-line impact. Unlike conferencing tools, Modern Hire integrates AI-enabled pre-hire assessments in virtual hiring to increase efficiency, efficacy, and fairness in your process. When candidates participate in a Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryout, they have an immersive job simulation experience and get a realistic preview of the job. The Tryouts give candidates the chance to see what the job is like, allowing them to make a more informed decision about moving forward. At the same time, the Tryouts use the science of industrial-organizational psychology and the power of predictive analytics to identify candidates who will learn the job faster and are less likely to leave in the first months on the job. Recruiters gain science- and data-based insights to use as they advance candidates and prepare shortlists.

All of these elements – virtual interviewing, validated pre-hire assessments, AI, predictive analytics, and automated workflows are integrated into the Modern Hire platform to help you engage high-potential candidates faster and support better decisions at every step in the hiring process. An enterprise hiring platform like Modern Hire is much more than a connectivity tool. It’s technology proven to transform hiring experiences and outcomes.