Video Tech Helps Solve Strategic Struggles in Recruiting

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Modern Hire

ATC will highlight an interesting theme at its 2017 Australasian Talent Conference in Sydney this June: The Humane Recruiter. It’s about recruiters’ pursuit of candidate engagement and a great candidate experience, with technology as a key driver – not a barrier – in this quest. We see this theme validated at Modern Hire every time an enterprise organization chooses voice and video interviewing for the strategic issues it can help solve, not just the operational benefits. It all boils down to human relationships.


Putting the Candidate Relationship First

Engaging and attracting top talent, and creating a consistent, quality experience for candidates, are two of the primary talent acquisition struggles for companies these days. Candidate reach is greater than ever, and traditional recruitment processes are often overwhelmed by today’s hiring environment. As a result, recruiters have little time to focus on a key driver of good hiring – engagement of the most promising candidates. As for the majority of candidates who won’t be moving forward for a specific job opening, lack of TA resources can lead to that proverbial “black hole” and a negative candidate experience.

Despite the importance of the candidate experience, early adopters of video interviewing first latched on the technology’s operational advantages. Budgets saved and time gained back in a recruiter’s day via streamlined screening and interviewing are two significant and immediate benefits. Perhaps even more significant are the strategic advantages of the technology related directly to the candidate relationship.

With video interviewing as part of a hiring workflow, recruiters can

  • Offer candidates a more personal and relevant way to engage
  • Start that engagement immediately
  • Enable candidates to feel they’ve put their best foot forward
  • Spend more one-on-one time with the strongest candidates
  • Be more responsive to all candidates through timely communication
  • Attract best-fit candidates by sharing their employer brand message

This is where real improvement in TA can happen.

Video Facilitates Great Working Relationships, Too

Companies using video interviewing are also finding that it supports closer relationships within the TA team, and between TA team members and hiring managers. Whether used for campus recruiting, screening for high volume hiring, or efficiently securing talent with hard-to-find skills, this technology improves hiring by enhancing human interaction.

At Modern Hire, we’re looking forward to the ATC event June 21 and 22, where we’ll be presenting more about the trend in humane recruiting and technology’s vital role. We hope you’ll make plans to attend our afternoon workshop on June 21.

Either way, you’ll gain insight into ways technology and the hiring process can be harmonized for a truly candidate-centric experience.