HireVue announces acquisition of Modern Hire

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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

“I joke with my VP that we interview while we sleep. After sending the invites, we come in the next morning and have 30-70 completed interviews to review. We can quickly identify about half of those people to submit to our hiring managers. It speeds up the process, and it’s fun, too.”

Director Of Talent Operations, University Research and Health Care Organization

Using Video Interviews in Your Workflow

With Modern Hire’s platform, you have the flexibility to create a better candidate experience for every job type. Replace traditional phone interviews with on-demand video to engage many candidates at once and move qualified talent to your next steps faster, especially in high-volume hiring situations. Save live video interviews for your short-list, or integrate it early on to get passive candidates warmed up and enable C-level talent to explore your opportunity. Live video interviewing also accommodates virtual teams in holding panel interviews, and facilitates collaborative hiring at every step of your workflow.