Video Interviewing Software: Efficient & Strategic

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May 24, 2018

At any one time, recruiters in large enterprise organizations are typically trying to fill about 40 open requisitions, which means they’re working with hundreds of candidates. Today’s video interviewing software automates certain recruiting tasks to help talent acquisition professionals become more efficient in hiring.

Handling Recruiters’ Administrative Work

A surprisingly large amount of a recruiter’s day is spent on administrative work. Of all of these tasks, scheduling interviews may be the most time-consuming. Balancing a candidate’s availability with the hiring team’s schedules must be done, but it’s not usually a differentiator in the hiring process. Video interviewing software with an automated scheduling application can save recruiters an average of 50 minutes per candidate.1 Multiply that by hundreds of candidates, and the time savings potential is significant. Scheduling applications with a virtual recruiting assistant save additional time by handling any interview cancellations or rescheduling, and following up with reminders to candidates and hiring managers.

Pre-qualifying Large Talent Pools More Quickly

Identifying qualified candidates within an applicant pool is another time-intensive task. Recruiters can pre-qualify talent pools more efficiently with on-demand text interviews enabled by a video interviewing platform. 97% of Americans use text messaging at least once a day, so on-demand text is a highly effective way to reach candidates.2 With a few simple questions, recruiters can easily and quickly determine which candidates meet basic requirements for the role. With the interviewing software, recruiters can move qualified candidates forward more quickly in the hiring process.

How Does Video Interviewing Make Recruiters More Strategic?

By helping recruiters accomplish more in less time, video interviewing frees recruiters to spend more time doing what they do best – engaging with candidates. Growing adoption and use of video interviewing software is changing the recruiter’s role, enabling them to use their relationship-building skills more strategically to win talent. Conversational recruiting, or the emphasis on one-on-one conversations with candidates in real-time, is being touted as an emerging trend in modern recruiting strategies.3

Facilitating Collaboration in Hiring

Interviewing software that’s purpose-built for hiring can also help recruiters be more strategic by promoting collaboration, in several ways:

  • Members of a hiring team can participate in live panel interviews from their desk, the road, or any quiet place with their smartphone.
  • Hiring team members all see and evaluate the same candidate responses when recruiters forward candidates’ on-demand video. interviews via email. Recruiters can share their notes and candidate ratings within the software for all hiring team members to see.
  • Recruiters can connect via video with hiring managers at the start of the process to gather their thoughts and impressions of the ideal candidate for the role.

By making collaboration easier and more convenient through technology, recruiters build better working relationships with their hiring managers and get their input earlier and more often in the process.

More Strategic Decision Making

Some video interviewing platforms integrate assessments with the interview. Use of these proven, validated assessments allows recruiters to leverage predictive analytics. By providing more points of data for deeper insight into candidates, and streamlining hiring so the right information is available faster, video interviewing enables hiring teams to make smarter hiring decisions.

How Does Video Interviewing Software Affect the Candidate Experience?

Companies are implementing purpose-built video interviewing because it allows them to be responsive to modern job seekers. Candidates experience a faster, more responsive hiring process that is both high-tech and high-touch. They’re able to engage immediately when recruiters socialize a job opening with an invite to complete an on-demand interview. The employer’s brand is more visible with the technology, so candidates get a closer look at the company’s values and culture. They may be invited to participate in a live interview earlier in the process. Every step forward with video interviewing is an opportunity for candidates to present their skills and their enthusiasm in the very best light.

Helping Recruiters Win the Race

When recruiters are too overwhelmed to connect on a human level with candidates, it hurts the hiring experience. Purpose-built video interviewing platforms are designed to alleviate recruiters’ administrative burden, so they can shift more time to candidate engagement strategies. With today’s skill and labor shortages, those personal connections and an accelerated hiring process are a recruiter’s primary advantages in the race for better talent.

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