Video Interviewing Meets Recruiters’ Dream: No More Scheduling

March 21, 2016    |    2 minutes read

Modern Hire

A lot of recruiters today are thanking their lucky stars that their company chose Modern Hire’s video interviewing solution, as our engineering team has developed some cutting-edge features to make their lives easier. Always striving to understand the recruiter’s world, our product innovation and development team focused on one of the most burdensome parts of the recruiter’s day: scheduling. Leaving messages, playing phone tag, shuffling and reshuffling interview times as they try to squeeze every possible minute out of every day – could scheduling interviews get any more time-consuming?

No More Scheduling Dread

Last year, our team built a scheduling widget into our video interviewing technology which virtually eliminates the hassle of lining up candidates (and hiring managers) for screening and interview slots. Candidates are now able to select their desired time slot on the recruiter or hiring managers calendar.

Here’s how the scheduling part of our video interviewing solution works:

  1. The recruiter and hiring team members define windows of time that they are available to conduct interviews.
  2. The recruiter publishes those windows of time into the tool.
  3. Those invited to interview see these open time slots.
  4. Candidates, then, review the times against their schedule and pick the time that’s most convenient.
  5. The widget automatically updates in real time so the next candidate who clicks in sees updated choices.

The result? The recruiter and hiring team see their reserved time slots fill up with little to no effort on their part. With our scheduling widget, what used to take hours throughout the week now takes minutes. The involved parties sit back and let the technology do the work, focusing instead on interviews with promising candidates.

Recruiters can save hours each week when candidates self-schedule their video or voice interview.

More Convenience for Candidates, Too

As the product and innovation team considered this potential new functionality, they gave a lot of thought to scheduling from the candidate’s perspective too. Yes, self-serve is the way of the world, but how would this feel to candidates? The widget was developed to offer the ultimate in self-scheduling convenience. Our video interviewing solution provides friendly, clear instructions to make self-scheduling a simple task. Candidates are not forced into a time slot, nor do they need to explain their availability. Instead, they privately review and choose with no hassle, no messages and no phone tag. How satisfying for candidates to take a big step forward for their career in just a few minutes! Now, they’re free to focus on presenting themselves to their next potential employer.

Phone Tag Becomes a Thing of the Past

Since launching this scheduling widget, our clients have happily expanded its use for many different scheduling needs: Phone screens, live video interviews, on-site final interview schedules and more. Built right into Modern Hire, our recruiters have this functionality at their fingertips to combat phone tag once and for all. It’s a prime example of how purpose-built technology can be used effectively to reorganize the use of time and transform the hiring process so it’s better for everyone involved.