How Video Interviewing Can Improve Diversity

How do you increase diversity in a male-dominated industry like transportation? That was the challenge faced by Asciano (now Pacific National), one of Australia’s oldest and largest operators of combined rail and cargo ports. 

The transportation company embarked on a recruitment campaign to diversify the workforce across their traditional operational roles. Overall, the goal was to hire 14 full and part-time Freight Team Members from diverse backgrounds and, in particular, not from the rail industry.  

Pink Boots Campaign  

Their first hurdle was to attract women to roles that were traditionally seen as male-dominated. Using social media, the company launched what it called a ‘Pink Boots’ campaign. They spread a consistent message over Twitter and Facebook and created unique landing pages to engage candidates. But they also wanted to make sure that a diverse applicant pool would notice the advertising efforts.   

Instead of only posting in traditional job categories, they stepped outside the box. The hiring team identified the key skills candidates needed to have. They then identified which industries and roles might also value these skills. They realized that because cultural fit and resilience was an integral part of the job, the talent had the potential to come from a large variety of backgrounds. 

Video Interview Gives Candidates a Way to Shine

The application process in and of itself was a success, resulting in a 45% female response rate. The hiring team then shortlisted the best candidates and invited them to complete a video interview using Modern Hire’s video interviewing technology. The video interview was critical in the process, according to the Asciano talent acquisition team. It gave candidates that had no previous experience in the industry a chance to showcase their transferable skills. 

Buy-in from Hiring Managers 

Another critical element was getting hiring managers involved from day one. They helped determine the competencies to be used in assessing applicants. For example, one key value at Asciano is safety. By incorporating a safety question, the hiring team was able to set candidates apart and tell who was invested in the brand.   

The video interviews received great feedback from hiring managers and candidates alike. “As a first-round screening tool, they were perfect in assessing candidate fit,” shared one manager.  

Candidates who successfully completed a video interview were then invited to attend information evenings to ensure non-industry candidates had a greater understanding of the roles and industry. The information nights were key in gaining buy-in from hiring managers about recruiting a diverse workforce. Coupled with seeing the candidates on video, the information nights allowed hiring managers to see candidates’ real potential. The information nights were a great success with a split of 50% men and women attending. 

High Candidate Engagement 

The multiple assessment process had a 90% attendance rate. This is an achievement in itself. The hiring team attributed this success to high candidate engagement. They were careful to communicate well at every step of the process. The goal was to make candidates feel comfortable at all touchpoints from the video interviews/assessments, information nights, and right through to the job offer.  

In the end, Asciano hired eight women and six men, which surpassed well and truly beyond their goals at the project’s beginning. One of the women hired was also put into a supervisory role even though she had no prior experience in the industry.  

The hiring team felt the success of this recruiting program was due to three key elements: involving hiring managers from the beginning of the process, allowing candidates to show transferable skills via video and assessment centers, and finally, giving the ultimate candidate experience by keeping everyone informed. 

For many of today’s leading organizations, it’s no longer enough to simply ensure your hiring process is compliant and doesn’t create adverse impact; true leaders want to drive toward creating a more diverse organization. Modern Hire’s purpose-built and science-based hiring technology can help you achieve this. From video interviewing to Virtual Job Tryouts®, our tools enable candidates to demonstrate their skills and learn if the job is a good fit – all of which results in higher employee engagement and retention.  

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