Why Video Chat Tools Don’t Get the Job Done in Healthcare Hiring

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Modern Hire

Many of our healthcare clients have something remarkable in common: They’ve tested the waters of video interviewing with Skype (or similar video chat tools), and quickly moved to a purpose-built solution. Why is this? Simply put, general video chat tools are not designed to solve the challenges of healthcare hiring. The travel savings are there, but it’s missing what’s needed to impact healthcare recruiters’ priorities, offering a brand-elevating, mind-blowing candidate experience, and getting to the offer stage with the best talent faster.

Candidates Say Skype is Not Easy for Video Chat Tools

With some technologies, the options on the market are interchangeable. This is not the case with video used for job interviews. There are essential differences between general video chat tools and a video interviewing solution designed for hiring. For healthcare recruiters, ease of use is a critical difference. In the talent-short, swift and competitive healthcare talent acquisition environment, you can’t afford to let candidates become frustrated by your video tech. According to independent research commissioned by Modern Hire with active job seekers, two out of three candidates (67%) disagreed or felt neutral about this statement: “Skype is easy to use for job interviews.” In this candidate-driven market, “neutral” is nowhere good enough! On the other hand, 97% of candidates say Modern Hire’s video interviewing is easy to use. Ease of use is a key reason to explore purpose-built technology.

Why a Purpose-Built Solution Makes Sense for Healthcare

There are other key reasons, too, including on-demand functionality. With on-demand video interviews, recruiters can invite candidates to record their responses to interview questions at their convenience. It’s a highly efficient way to screen. For many of our healthcare clients, the use of on-demand video interviewing has truly transformed their hiring process. We’re talking changes to vital hiring metrics, like a 66% reduction in screening time, time to offer reduced by 7 days, and an interview to hire ratio that went from 5:1 to 1.5:1. These results are not a-typical. And, they demonstrate the suitability of purpose-built solutions for healthcare challenges.

Recruiters, what could you achieve by reducing time-to-offer by 7 days? Do it with video interviews.

As healthcare systems shift and merge, they become increasingly large organizations. In many states, they are a major employer, if not the largest. Any technology they choose for HCM must be enterprise-strength. That means scalability, flexibility and configurability to create a hiring work flow that fits virtually any situation within the organization. It also means enterprise-strength security, with compliance and protection that meet U.S. and global regulatory requirements. Modern Hire’s solution is designed to meet all of the requirements of a large enterprise organization, and more.

Northwell Health Shares Hiring Best Practices

Video interviewing has become an integral part of hiring for many Modern Hire clients in the healthcare industry, and they’re willing to share their best practices with others. Northwell Health, a client that recruits for the 22 hospitals within its system, turned to Modern Hire last year in its quest to engage candidates consistently. A recent re-branding effort meant candidates and the community weren’t aware of what Northwell Health represented. As Mary Comerford-Hewitt, AVP of Talent Acquisition describes, “One of the things we are trying to do is be innovative in how we engage with our candidates. With Modern Hire, they have a branded experience about who we are. We’re using hiring leaders and others to ask the questions and tell the candidate a little bit about what it’s like to work at Northwell.”

If you’re ready to explore the potential impact a purpose-built video interviewing solution could have on your hiring results, contact us today for a live demo.


As an Enterprise Account Executive, Martine Schumacher oversees clients’ ongoing ROI in Modern Hire’s purpose-built video interviewing platform. Working exclusively with large enterprise clients in healthcare, she stays current on talent acquisition trends in the industry. Martine holds a PHR certification and a BBA in human resource management. With this background and more than a decade of recruiting experience, she offers a unique perspective on hiring.