Veteran Recruiting Strategies that Increase Your Odds to Win

Leadership. Resourcefulness. Team player. Any candidate with these skills and abilities is worth a closer look, right? But if it seems like these attributes are getting harder to find, turn your attention to a talent pool where they’re plentiful – veterans separating from the military. More than 200,000 veterans leave the military each year, and some are looking for a job near you. Here’s what you need to know about veteran recruiting.

5 Ways to Fast-Track Veteran Recruiting Strategies

A strong veteran recruiting program is all about raising your profile in military networks and tailoring your engagement approach. Try a combination of these strategies to increase your wins with veteran hiring.

1. Add veteran career fairs and job boards to your recruiting

Veterans preparing for separation and former military are attending these events and searching these job boards. Build your cred with veteran candidates on these channels, and invite them into your hiring process with an on-demand video interview. Candidates can easily complete an on-demand interview from anywhere in the world at any time that fits with their schedule. And, on-demand interviewing gives you an opportunity to show them your workplace and build their interest in your job opportunity.

2. Hold virtual hiring events targeting veterans

Borrow a strategy from your campus recruiting program and hold a virtual hiring event for veterans. Use your video interview software for automated scheduling prior to the event. It’s a great way for veterans still serving abroad or at a base in another state to get to know your organization.

3. Post information for veterans on your careers site

Like recruiting with any talent pool, everything you can do to personalize the hiring experience for veteran candidates increases your ability to build your pipeline and make great hires. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your talent brand and give veterans insight into your employment experience.

4. Adjust veteran recruiting job postings

Here are three ways to make your job postings more attractive to veterans:

  • Use relevant language to make it simpler for vets to see how their skills and experience correlate with your position. Simple changes like asking for ‘Medals’ with ‘Awards’ can be helpful. You can also go further by suggesting military positions that could translate well for your role or even using military classification codes in your postings.
  • Be clear with job responsibilities. Military candidates with no prior experience in the civilian workplace may not be as familiar with specific functions in an organization.
  • Highlight mentor and volunteer opportunities. Show your organization values mentoring and volunteering, and has specific opportunities for military candidates to continue providing service to others.
5. Engage veterans currently in your organization

Former military who are now satisfied employees in your organization could be a wealth of information as you implement the strategies above. In addition to being a referral source, they may be able to help with making job posting information relevant, or provide short video testimonials you can share in your on-demand video interviews.

Diversity – Another Reason to Focus on Veteran Recruiting

Workplace diversity and inclusion is a top priority for large enterprise organizations this year. If it’s one of your team’s goals, you have another reason to put more resources toward veteran hiring. The U.S. military itself is diverse: 40% of its members belong to racial and ethnic minority groups. That also means veterans have experience working on diverse teams.

Veterans represent a rich pool of talented candidates. Accelerate quality hires for your organization by providing them with a better candidate experience.