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From Deployment to Employment: Veterans Make Better Hires

Modern Hire


Are you doing everything you can to ensure your hiring process treats them fairly?

Veterans face stereotypes and communication barriers when transitioning back into civilian work. These obstacles can be a huge problem if a selection process is inadvertently providing a leg up to non-veterans.
Recent research shows that veterans outperform their counterparts with no military experience on pre-hire assessments—and perform even better on exercises that simulate the job. Despite these outcomes, veterans are hired at a lower rate in some cases.

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • The stereotypes and biases that cause veterans to be hired at lower rates
  • Research findings on veteran performance on different kinds of assessments
  • The implications of these findings on selection system design
  • Simple steps you can take to walk your talk on veteran hiring and retention

Presenters include Spectrum leaders Molly McKinley, Director of Sourcing Program Management, and Brian Armstrong, Manager of Military Programs, to share real-world business practices and information about their organization’s military programs.

Register today to understand more about the factors that disadvantage veterans—and how to prevent your selection system from screening out some of your potential best performers.