Version 1

Established in 1996, Version 1 is a trusted technology partner to major domestic and international customers across all industry sectors in the UK and Ireland. One of the fastest growing IT services companies in Western Europe, Version 1 has doubled both profitability and revenue over the last few years, while at the same time delivering consistent improvement in customer satisfaction and world-class employee engagement. A leader in Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon technology, Version 1 is an award-winning IT services company. Their 1,000 plus strong team located across the UK and Ireland are focused on proving that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses.

Version 1 introduced Automated Video Interviewing to their Accelerate IT Associate Consultancy Programme in 2017.

“Prior to using Sonru, the only resources we had at our disposal to assess a potential graduate before meeting them was a result of an online assessment and a review of their CV. Sonru has turned this completely on its head. We had no line of sight before the Assessment Centres, our conversion rates were very low and inconsistent. My take was if we introduced a Video Interview before the Assessment Centre then we would have a better view of the candidate and enjoy a better hit rate.” – Alan Reilly, Head of Talent Development, Version 1

Huge Time and Cost Savings

Prior to the 2017/18 campaign, Version 1’s graduate selection process involved the following distinct steps:

Application – Online Psychometric Tests – Assessment Center – Final Review – Offer

The table below compares the outcome of the Assessment Centers conducted during the 2016/17 Accelerate Programme with the 2017/18 Accelerate Programme.

 Assessment Center (AC) Metrics  Before Solution  With Solution
 Number of AC days run  15  10
Number of AC days saved by screening out 34.5% candidates that would have been invited  n/a  8 or


 Offer Rate from ACs 22% 58%
 Number of Graduate Hire 60 60
 Number of Weeks conducting ACs 20 weeks 6 weeks
[Staff Costs per  Assessment Centre = €2,500]

Alan maintains that by using video interviewing for this campaign, “we managed to successfully screen out 34.5% of candidates that would’ve likely been invited to attend an assessment day. This equates to a saving of running 8 additional assessment days with each requiring 4 Version 1 resources for the entire day. Our conversion rate of candidates attending assessment days to job offers jumped from 22% to 58% which is a brilliant ROI.”

Consistent Offer Rates

Version 1 found that their conversion rates from the assessment days used to vary a great deal from really high to really low. Video Interviewing has brought consistency to their recruitment process.

“It has helped to get a better idea of the candidate’s profile.” – Kat Hughes, HR Administrator

“We had no control over the offer ratios.  To increase our conversion rates, we needed to have visibility of the candidates earlier in the process. Enter Sonru.” – Alan Reilly

Holistic View of the Candidate

Alan maintains that the video interviews give a more holistic view of the candidate. The Accelerate programme is not looking for the “technically completed article but for culture fit, namely if the candidate would make a good IT consultant.“  Version 1 are confident that “the cognitive assessments will show if candidates are smart and trainable but the video interview shows us their drive and passion for IT – this is a really telling aspect for us.”

Alan also advises on being open and patient with candidate nerves: “Even if the candidate is nervous, if they have what it takes it usually shines through. They generally warm up in the interview so persist and watch it through and you will see the diamonds in the rough.”

“Seeing the candidates before meeting them on the Assessment Day allows to only select those who are definitely suited to the culture in our company.” – Emer Fogarty, Learning and Development Analyst

“The video interviews give you a sense of personality ahead of meeting candidates.” – Bridget Morrissey, Business Application Consultant

If the candidate is a good culture fit and has the trainability factor we can teach the technical element.  You can’t teach culture fit.” – Alan Reilly

Feedback from Candidates

The following is derived from the findings from over 55 respondents who volunteered to complete a survey made available to all Version 1 candidates.

“Other companies use phone interviews in order to reach out the an applicant, I think that video interview gives the hiring company a better understanding of the applicants before progressing them to the next stage.”

  • 98% felt sufficiently informed about what was required
  • 96% would complete a video interview again
  • 89% satisfaction with the Candidate Experience
  • 63% of respondents were aware of video interviews beforehand and 35% had completed a video interview in the past
  • 91% completed the video interview at home
  • Choosing the time and overall convenience emerged as the most popular benefits of video interviewing.
  • 32% completed the video interview in their native language.

“This was very straightforward and easy to do; I hope many companies can implement video interviewing as part of their application process.”

“Using this technology is very useful especially as someone, who lives abroad, being able to apply for a position from overseas and be able to express myself in video rather than text.”  – Version 1 Candidates