HireVue announces acquisition of Modern Hire

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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Campus Recruiting

Graduate Recruiting, Elevated

Recruiting the next generation of talent is no easy feat – you’ve got to be fast, flexible, engaging – across multiple universities, maybe even states and countries, all at once. Modern Hire elevates your graduate recruiting and helps you find and hire your next set of rising stars.

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According to Aptitude Research Partners, nearly 70% of companies plan on hiring college graduates – your hiring process must help you stand out from the crowd.

Case Study: Roche Diagnostics

When a global pandemic upended its campus recruiting efforts, Roche Diagnostics took it as an opportunity to reinvent how it worked with universities nationwide. By implementing interview technology, the team engaged with a new audience of candidates, resulting in increased diversity hiring among its interns and new graduate.

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Embedded into all of our interview technology products and innovations, CognitIOn by Modern Hire is the company’s industry-leading science, representing our capabilities and deep expertise in predictive analytics, ethical AI, and industrial organizational (I-O) psychology.

Cognition is powered by tens of millions of candidate interactions and nearly two decades of research and practice into human behavior, ethical AI, and compliant, best-fit hiring.

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Seriously Better Hiring

Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform is rigorously designed to predict success. Discover how our advanced selection science and automated interview tools can build your most engaged, qualified, and diverse workforce ever.

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