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Diversity Hiring

Diversity’s Promise Is Here

Modern Hire leads the market in ethical selection science, and our interview and assessment tools are proven to mitigate hiring bias and improve your diversity hiring efforts.

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Advancing the Field

Our team’s ongoing investigations into the use of advanced applied AI technology are regularly published in peer-reviewed scientific outlets. This research helps define and evolve ethical AI hiring practices that lead to fairer, more diverse outcomes, including:

  • Our unique Glass-Box Science™ approach that provides visibility into how data is collected and used.
  • Use of closed-loop design for continually monitoring and adjusting for adverse impact.
  • Asking candidates for their consent in the use of AI.
  • Scrupulously avoiding practices known to be invalid, such as the use of social media data in hiring.

Bias reduction with Automated Interview Scoring

Clients committed to diversity hiring are seeing measurable results with Modern Hire.

Case Study: Increasing Minority Hiring

For many of today’s leading organizations, it’s no longer enough to simply ensure your hiring process is compliant and doesn’t create adverse impact; true leaders want to drive toward creating a more diverse organization. A recent review of data from four long-term Modern Hire clients demonstrated that the Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) can play a key role in these efforts. By comparing the make-up of the employee population before and after the implementation of the VJT, clients in multiple industries saw significant improvements in new hire diversity. On average, clients saw an increase of more than 40% in ethnicity and 26% in gender diversity.

“AI can help us recognize potential prejudice and avoid making hiring decisions based on a characteristic that has nothing to do with someone’s ability to be good at their job.”

Eric Sydell, PhD
EVP, Innovation at Modern Hire and author of Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle

Embedded into all of our interview technology products and innovations, CognitIOn by Modern Hire is the company’s industry-leading science, representing our capabilities and deep expertise in predictive analytics, ethical AI, and industrial organizational (I-O) psychology.

Cognition is powered by tens of millions of candidate interactions and nearly two decades of research and practice into human behavior, ethical AI, and compliant, best-fit hiring.

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Seriously Better Hiring

Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform is rigorously designed to predict success. Discover how our advanced selection science and automated interview tools can build your most engaged, qualified, and diverse workforce ever.

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