UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks distributes electricity to almost 8 million customers in London, the East and the South East of England. UK Power Networks is owned by the Cheung Kong Group (CKG) which has a proven pedigree in running high-quality utility companies, and a track record of wise investment and long-term plans. It already successfully operates electricity distribution businesses serving communities in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Altogether, there are 170,000 kilometers of underground cables and overhead lines and more than 130,000 substations.

UK Power Networks used our video interviewing solution for their hugely popular graduate recruitment schemes – the Graduate Engineering Programme and the Business and Commercial Management Graduate Programme. The Graduate Engineering Programme offers 9 graduateships to candidates with an electrical engineering degree or an engineering degree with electrical modules while the two places on the Business and Commercial Management Graduate Programme are open to graduates of any discipline demonstrating keen business acumen. The scheme was open for applications between October and the end of December 2011 with final offers made in April 2012.

Recruitment Process: Precision Screening
The first stage of the screening process involved the completion of an online application form which included competency based questions which were scored from 1 to 5.

Successful applicants were then invited to the video interview.

The candidates’ video responses to four competency/motivation based questions were scored between 1-5 and applicants scoring highest (with minimum of 12/20) were invited to the Assessment Center.

 Quick Overview of Recruitment Cycle  Engineering  Business
 Total Number of Applications 273  142
 Invitation to Sonru Video Interview  77  65
 Invitation to Assessment Centre  38  16
 Invitation to Face-to-Face Interview  14  6
 Offer  9  2

“It was a lot more fun – Sonru was much appreciated as it’s easier to play back the video interviews than interact and set up phone interviews.” –
Audrey Bevan , Recruitment Advisor, UK Power Networks

Replaced phone interviews
2012 was UK Power Networks’ first full graduate recruitment drive having previously been part of EDF Energy Corporation up to 2010 while 2011 was a transition period.

In EDF, the phone interviews were outsourced to external agencies with the recruitment team having no involvement in the preliminary screening only taking over when they received the shortlist of applicants selected for Assessment.

“2012 is the first year we have had the entire campaign in our full control since our time as EDF Energy Corporation. Replacing phone interviews with Sonru video interviews has helped enormously in terms of managing the whole process.” – Audrey Bevan, Recruitment Advisor, UK Power Networks

Unanimous Positive Feedback
The introduction of our solution to the UK Power Networks’ Graduate Schemes has proved very popular with both the recruitment team and candidates alike.

Seeing a demonstration of the video interviewing tool in action during an open day, the managers and directors thought it was a really good tool however it was most welcome from the recruitment team themselves as it “spared” them the headache of telephone interviews.

“I think this stage was quicker than it used to be with phone interviews which are so time consuming and prone to problems – candidates not picking up, no connection, rescheduling and so on. It’s tricky scheduling phone interviews with students and not to mention finding the people to conduct the interviews.” – Audrey Bevan

Commenting on the response rate of over 80% from both graduateships, UK Power Networks were “happy with the numbers, they reflect natural attrition from such a lengthy time frame and not the selection process itself;” concludes Bevan.

“The feedback from the candidates we selected has been very positive. The candidates who were selected for Assessment thought it was quite innovative, ‘really new’ and liked being able to choose the time of their interview.”  – Audrey Bevan

Our video interviewing tool worked well for UK Power Networks’ Graduate Programmes with time savings being cited as the number one benefit.

UK Power Networks, through their strategic use of technology, successfully automated an outsourced stage of the recruitment process without compromising on the quality of their graduate recruits.

“Sonru definitely saved us time during the campaign. Although the length of the actual process is fixed and standard across most graduate recruitment drives, the selection process during the campaign was smoother with less headaches and fewer surprises.”  – Audrey Bevan