Tourism Ireland


Tourism Ireland is responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas as a holiday and business destination. Tourism Ireland employs approximately 165 people in key markets worldwide, including Great Britain, the USA and Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, the Middle East, and Australia. Tourism Ireland has offices on the island of Ireland, Coleraine, and Dublin; and has also extended its reach to include emerging tourist markets, such as China, India, and New Zealand.


Before adopting video interviewing, an application form was also the only method of shortlisting. This process also meant the recruitment team had to travel overseas regularly to conduct the first-round face-to-face interviews with candidates.

“The Recruitment process was very time consuming for the HR team and Line Managers. There was much travel involved, whereas now it’s integrated and very much part of the HR role. You can do several things in the day as well as interviewing. We can add much more value now that our time is freed up.” – Vivienne Horkan, Head of Human Resources, Tourism Ireland


Time to Hire Halved

With face-to-face interviews being the only form or preliminary screening, the recruitment team often found themselves in the position where the hiring managers wanted to meet up to six and seven candidates. Vivienne Horkan says, “hiring managers can do as many video interviews as they like, but we recommend that we cut face to face interviews down to 4 or 5 candidates.” Multiple first-round interviews, along with the amount of international travel, meant that the time to hire could be as long as three months. Automated Video Interviews have replaced the first-round interview, and as a result, Tourism Ireland’s time to hire has now been reduced to 6 weeks.

“We are more efficient in our recruitment process [with Modern Hire]. Recruitment time has been cut in half, and the line managers feel very much part of the process. Line managers no longer feel that they are curtailed in how many candidates they can meet initially, and they are now not spending two days interviewing candidates.” – Jennie Devlin, HR Manager, Tourism Ireland

Questions in Advance

Tourism Ireland gives the questions to candidates in advance of the video interview. According to Vivienne Horkan: “Our questions are very detailed, so we can immediately see who has done their research and preparation. You can see if people are reading a script, and you can tell if they are not really strong enough. After viewing the interviews, you can see whether the person can do the job or not. If we didn’t give the questions to candidates in advance, we feel we wouldn’t get the best out of them.”


Smarter Selection 

Jennie Devlin agrees and maintains that the video interviews show them who can do the job; “The people we are interviewing in person, at final stage interview, are very credible and capable of doing the role, so we are just delving into that further and looking at organizational fit. We’re getting the right people into the right roles in a more timely way.” 

Video Interviews have also proved useful when shortlisting. Often a manager might up-share an interview of a borderline candidate to their manager to get a second opinion.

Positive Impact on Employer Brand

“Internally, our brand has improved. Employees are happy to see HR taking on the digital aspect of the interview process and keeping up with the rest of the organization because we are a digital marketing organization.” – Vivienne Horkan

“Video Interviewing gives real validation to the recruitment process across the organization. It showcases that the HR team have made changes that align with the digital nature of our business.” – Jennie Devlin

Internal Recruitment

Tourism Ireland finds video interviewing particularly useful for internal recruitment as it removes that sense of entitlement among certain internal candidates who assume they will be automatically progressed to final interviews.

“With Modern Hire, the candidates realize a lot of work and preparation needs to go into applying for the role, so they get to ask themselves if they really want the promotion or move. They also see they have to go through the same process as external candidates to get to the final interview stage.” – Vivienne Horkan

Skills Assessment

Tourism Ireland found automated video interviewing very useful for language skills assessment. According to Vivienne Horkan: “It is really useful for our hiring managers in whatever market. We ask them the questions in that language so the hiring team would have much better insight into their language ability.”

Tourism Ireland also uses face-to-face interviews to assess non-job-related criteria such as culture fit.

“Because the questions we ask in the Video Interview are very specific to the particular role, the questions in the final round interview are even more focused. We know that the candidates who get through to final round interview are capable of doing the job, but we are probing more at this stage to see if they are a good fit for the organization and what can they bring to the organization.” – Jennie Devlin

Team Buy-In

According to Vivienne Horkan, every part of the business has been involved in recruitment in the last year, and every single manager up to the director level has had to engage with Modern Hire except the CEO. “The hiring managers wanted to be much more involved in the recruitment process, so Modern Hire has given them real insight, and they feel much more engaged in the process.”

Jennie Devlin agrees: “Video interviewing has granted confirmation to line managers, they are getting the best person for the role because they have visibility of more candidates.”

“It surpassed my expectations. It really saved time and gave a sense of the candidate before over-investing in a face-to-face interview because you only put forward the best candidates.” – Darren Quinton, Consumer Marketing Manager, GB

“It’s easy to use. It’s easy to pre-qualify candidates. We’re inviting fewer people for face-to-face interviews.” – Kristina Gauges, Senior Marketing Executive, Germany

“Video Interviewing is particularly useful to gauge the language skills and to get a better sense of the candidate’s personality and therefore “fit” into the team and the organization.” – Barbara Wood, Manager Spain

“It meant I could screen while out of office / on the move, so I appreciated the flexibility. It’s very effective and reflects Tourism Ireland’s way of working.” – Shane Clarke. Director of Corporate Services, Policy & Northern Ireland

Feedback from Candidates

 The following statistics and quotes are derived from an optional survey made available to all Tourism Ireland candidates.

  • Only 14% of respondents had completed an automated video interview in the past
  • 100% found the software easy to use
  • 95% felt sufficiently informed about what was required before completing the interview
  • 86% satisfaction with the candidate experience
  • 100% would complete a video interview again

 “I think it’s an innovative and efficient way of whittling down the candidates.”

“It was really good. Everything was easy, explained perfectly, and easy to use.”

“Handy for the interviewee when multiple stages to an interview process.”

“I think it’s very innovative, great for time management for the company, and also very convenient for the person doing the interview.”