Finders Keepers: How Top Workplaces Drive Engagement & Loyalty

   |    2 minutes read

May 29, 2019

Are Top Workplace Award-winning organizations better at finding and keeping employees? Yes, they really are, according to survey data. Thousands of employees at participating companies take the anonymous survey each year, and over 13 years, Energage has collected the voices of 19 million. Award-winning organizations are

It all boils down to employee engagement. At companies that earn the award, the percentage of employees who say they’re engaged at work is nearly double the national average. The top 10% of award winners have 85% or greater employee engagement, and that’s the case at Modern Hire, where high employee engagement led to a third Top Workplace Award for our organization this year. We have insights to share about building a top workplace environment and how to leverage it in your hiring process.

How Modern Hire Builds Employee Engagement

Our vision at Modern Hire is to forever transform the hiring experience. Communicating about our vision and values so employees understand their role as contributors to that impactful vision is an essential talent management strategy. Ninety-four percent of our employees agreed with the statement:

“My job makes me feel like I’m part of something meaningful.”

Our team leaders put the emphasis on transparency and frequent communication, especially about how daily work activities are aligned with and contribute to company-wide goals. We all come together at least once a month to talk about how we’re doing, where we’re headed, and to celebrate our wins. Transparency helps drive engagement, motivation and ultimately, our employees’ satisfaction with the company.

We had 91% employee participation with the Energage survey this year, and nearly all respondents also agreed with this statement:

“I would highly recommend working at Modern Hire.”

And they do. As most Top Workplaces find, we get many quality referrals from our employees. it’s an unparalleled source for passive candidates who often become great hires.

Translating “Top Workplace” into Better Hiring

Earning a Top Workplace honor is a definite plus for attracting candidates, but in this day and age the badge alone is not enough. It’s what your organization does in the interviewing and onboarding processes that moves candidates from “somewhat interested” to application and offer acceptance.

Candidates need to find the right job themselves, but we can support them in that quest with:

  • Employer branding – we leverage our brand legacy and brand stories throughout the interview process to give candidates an authentic feel for what it’s like to be a Modern Hire employee.
  • Employee ambassadors – who knows better than our employees about the Modern Hire employment experience? We invite them into the interview process to share why they believe Modern Hire is going in the right direction, and what we do to align as a team for the common cause.
  • Our unique candidate experience – we walk our talk by using our AI-enabled platform to create a simple, convenient experience for candidates. Use of our own platform ensures our TA team can direct more of their attention to engaging the most viable candidates for every new or open position.

Most of these strategies are about being transparent in hiring. If everybody in your organization knows your mission and believes in your values, getting that message to candidates will lead to your organization being rated a Top Workplace for a long time to come.