Montage Earns 3rd Top Workplace Award by Living Our Brand Legacy


“I know I can make a difference. Not only can I make a difference to the future and success of this company, but I can do the same with my clients and prospects.”

These are wonderful words for every HR leader to hear, especially in this era of declining employee engagement. I’m especially proud that these are the comments a Montage employee shared in a recent Energage survey, which helped lead to our third Top Workplace Award in the past four years. Presented by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, this annual award is based 100% on employee feedback. Our employees are the active creators of our brand legacy, which is to forever transform the hiring experience, one smile at a time. Read the news release.

Strong Employee Engagement Wins in the Marketplace

Organizations that are honored as a Top Workplace have strong employee engagement. These are employees with a strong emotional commitment to their organization and its goals. High employee engagement levels correlate with high employee satisfaction and retention and high customer satisfaction and retention. They also drive positive financial impact on an organization’s bottom line.

How strong is employee engagement at Montage? In the anonymous Top Workplaces survey, a very large majority of our employees – more than 90% – agreed with these statements:

  • I believe Montage is going in the right direction.
  • My job makes me feel like I am part of something meaningful.
  • Montage operates by strong values.
  • I would highly recommend working at Montage to others.
  • Montage motivates me to give my very best at work.

Some of the feedback shared by our employees in the survey helps explain our strong performance:

“This company does what it says. Most transparent place I have ever worked.”

“I believe in our mission as a company. Others around me also believe.”

“It’s a company with good leadership, a good product, and good people. There’s an opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow.”

The survey data and written comments make it clear our team is tightly aligned and highly engaged with our common goal: helping clients accelerate quality hiring.

Energage has measured changes that take place within an organization after it earns the Top Workplace Award.

The year-over-year shift is incredible:

Trends at Top Workplace Award Winners

The Journey Continues

We are honored to be recognized as a leader among companies like ours, and as we grow, we continue to strive for a culture that sustains strong employee engagement within our organization. Our efforts around culture are woven throughout our work environment and processes. The value of those efforts comes back to Montage exponentially. Every day we see our employees go the extra mile for clients and team members and take an active role in building our workforce by referring others. They also contribute to the strong feeling of family we have at Montage.

With the strong connection between employee engagement and our brand legacy reaffirmed, we’ll continue to live the unique Montage brand legacy every day as our journey in the enterprise interviewing tech space continues.

By Kristine Niehus, SPHR SHRM-SCP
Manager, Human Resources at Montage

Kristine is an experienced HR professional in large and mid-size strategic environments. She has a strong focus on adding organizational value through engagement, coaching, and feedback and is experienced in talent acquisition, talent development, performance management, succession planning, employee relations, benefits, change management, coaching principles, career path development, and onboarding.