Tiger Brands

Tiger Brands Limited, a Top 40 JSE Limited company whose footprint extends across the African continent and beyond, is one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of FMCG products in Southern Africa.

Tiger Brands has been built over several decades through the acquisition and clustering of businesses which own leading food, home and personal care brands with a distribution network that now spans more than 22 African countries.

Recruitment Process: Graduate Program

The Tiger Brands Graduate program is a 12 month learning program for graduates who have just completed a relevant 3 or 4 year qualification. These graduates are employed as permanent employees and are placed in appropriate positions at the end of their graduate program.

Tiger Brands currently offer the graduate program across eight disciplines ranging from Marketing, Supply Chain, Food Technology, Research and Development to several forms of Engineering.

With almost 2,000 applicants vying for a placement on the graduate program, the screening process has to be precise involving a number of distinct recruitment stages. After the initial online application, candidates progress through the following stages: video interview, phone interview, online assessment and ultimately a personal interview.

According to Mandy Perl, Tiger Brand’s graduate manager, “Sonru delivered a smoother, more structured process which felt more engaged much earlier on.”

Positive Employer Brand

“It [Sonru] really makes Tiger Brands appear to be innovative. Not many companies in South Africa are using this tool so we’re viewed in the market as a technologically advanced company which we think is really important.” – Mandy Perl, Graduate Manager

The introduction of our video technology to the Tiger Brands’ Graduate Program has made a positive impact on Tiger Brands’ employer brand.

Perl maintains that “many candidates have been impressed with the technology and felt that it was an up to date and innovative method for us to start the “getting to know you process.”

A Team Solution

The hiring managers are impressed too as our solution has offered them access to a more comprehensive and in-depth recruitment process. Giving the relevant hiring managers the option to view the video interviews has enabled them to be actively involved in the selection of candidates being brought forward for interview.

“From the hiring managers’ perspective, the pack with the online assessment results and link to the video interviews gives them a much better sense of the candidates’ style / personality and how they might fit into the team, it’s brilliant.” – Mandy Perl, Graduate Manager


“It definitely improved the experience for the applicant and offered a more comprehensive and in-depth recruitment process to the Hiring Managers. Viewing the videos was fun. Sonru offered flexibility – could be done anywhere where there was wifi. I loved being able to “see” the candidates earlier in the process.” –  Mandy Perl, Graduate Manager

All candidates were invited to complete an optional online survey to answer questions relating to the Tiger Brands video interview.

  • 75% of candidates would prefer a video interview to a phone interview
  • ‘Overall convenience’ and ‘Choosing the time that suited me’ were identified as the key benefits for candidates