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The Need For Video Interviewing

If video interviewing wasn’t on your radar before, there’s a good chance it is now.

In the wake of a public health crisis, many organizations are looking to add virtual interviewing to the hiring process. 

But the truth is, video interviewing is the future of hiring, and, pandemic or not, it can drastically improve your hiring results.

What are the benefits of video interviewing?

  • Reduce Costs – Eliminate unnecessary travel expenses that come from flying in candidates who aren’t true finalists.
  • Earlier Engagement – Meet your candidates face-to-face earlier in the hiring process, increasing engagement and candidate satisfaction, while helping you find top candidates faster.
  • Accelerate Time-To-Hire – On average, our clients can take two weeks off their hiring process.
  • Elevated Brand – The Modern Hire platform includes branding capabilities meaning multiple ways to showcase your brand and organizational culture.
  • A Better Candidate Experience – When you are looking to create a positive candidate experience, every interaction matters. Our easy to use technology and 24/7 support help ensure a better candidate experience.

What makes Modern Hire video interviewing different?

Why are other chat options like SKYPE, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and FaceTime not appropriate?

Although other chat options do offer face-to-face time with candidates, ultimately, they are doing you or your brand any favors.

Using conference or chat tools:  

  • Can’t give you the efficiencies of an AI-enabled, automated hiring workflow
  • Puts your employer brand at risk
  • Puts your candidate experience at risk
  • Sends the wrong message to your candidates

With interviewing technology, recruiters and hiring managers can easily engage, schedule, and conduct live or on-demand interviews with candidates all from one central location.

Whether you’re looking to reduce contagion or improve your hiring, Modern Hire has the solution to help you revolutionize hiring through a more personalized, data-driven experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.