The Importance of the Candidate Experience in Healthcare Recruiting

August 7, 2018    |    2.5 minutes read

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Think back to when you first got into healthcare recruiting – what about this job got you excited? Lots of recruiters choose healthcare TA because they enjoy getting to know people, or they find personal satisfaction in connecting great caregivers with the right opportunity. Recruiters are people-oriented, so it can be a little disconcerting when you’re asked to use a new technology and you’re not sure how it will change the way you interact with candidates. Fear of change just confirms you’re human!

How Two Healthcare Recruiting Leaders Improved Their Candidate Connections

Healthcare recruiters at two industry leaders, one an insurer and the other a healthcare facilities organization, did see changes in the way they engage with candidates when they started using video interviewing software. And they’re pleased with the transformation.

At Humana, recruiters wanted to maintain their high-touch candidate experience. But, with hundreds of thousands of candidates to vet each year, they simply couldn’t keep up. Rather than continue to spend so much time evaluating wrong-fit candidates, they replaced phone interviews of qualified candidates with on-demand video and voice interviews. They saw some critical results:

  • Recruiters can engage with more candidates than before since initial screening time dropped from 90 minutes to 30 minutes per candidate,
  • Candidates benefit from increased communication and transparency in an improved candidate experience, and
  • Recruiters are now focusing more of their time and attention on building candidate relationships in the later stages of their process. 

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Recruiters Buy-In at HCA After Seeing the Data

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) has about 370 on its TA team. Their task is to engage with the nearly two million applicants coming through their system each year. When TA leadership introduced automated scheduling as part of its video interviewing platform, some HCA recruiters weren’t convinced of its value. HCA did a pilot of automated scheduling to show, with data, that candidates preferred the technology-enabled process.

Kelly Furbee, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at HCA, recently relayed the story during a panel at HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference:

“We have recruiters, particularly our RN recruiters, that are dealing with requisitions where there’s only six or so applicants per req that we fill. And so they’re thinking, ‘Well, that’s not very high volume. Why wouldn’t I just go ahead and call this person first and try to make the connection?’ They feel like that feels better to the candidate.

So we did the pilots, and we had one division call first. And another division, we said, ‘Send the invite first.’ The data that comes back is about 84% of the candidates who got an invite first via text message are responding and self-scheduling that phone screen. Sixty percent of them are doing it within the first five hours of getting the text. Thirty-percent of them are doing it within the first 30 minutes of getting the text. For the division who called first and left voice messages, the response rate dropped to about 73%.”

“The data is showing us that the candidates actually prefer just getting a text message.”

– Kelly Furbee, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, HCA

With candidates clearly embracing the change, HCA recruiters’ minds were eased. They’re now spending more of their time talking with qualified candidates and selling the HCA employment experience.

Be Happy with the Candidate Experience You Create in Healthcare Recruiting

In healthcare recruiting, you’re the front line for every candidate’s experience with your organization. Did you know there’s a clear connection between an award-winning candidate experience and use of video interviewing software?

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