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The All-in-One Solution to Three Top Issues in Healthcare Hiring

Healthcare organizations rely on their recruiting teams to create a workforce capable of responding to the innumerable challenges of a global pandemic. Here’s how recruiters can overcome three top obstacles to strengthen healthcare hiring with an all-in-one technology solution that offers ready-to-implement hiring plans.

The challenge: Staffing shortages. Experienced candidates were already scarce for many healthcare positions before the pandemic, especially in the nursing field. Predictions are that healthcare recruiters will need to hire a minimum of 200,000 nurses per year to keep up with increasing demand. Part of their challenge will be replacing experienced nurses who are retiring. As of February 2021, register nurses ranked fifth on the top 10 jobs with the highest demand. Within the next decade, it’s likely the U.S. will also face a shortage of up to 122,000 physicians.   

Solution #1: Seamless, ready-to-implement hiring plans. Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints are ready-to-implement hiring plans for more than 40 different roles. Hiring Blueprints are available for seven clinician and administrative positions within the healthcare field, including Telehealth Professional. The Blueprints enable recruiters to fast-track hiring in many scenarios, from high-volume to just a few critical roles. Each Blueprint recommends a combination of three or more of the following stages that can be managed with Modern Hire’s science-based virtual hiring platform:

  • On-demand text or phone screen
  • On-demand realistic job preview
  • On-demand job-specific Virtual Job Tryout™ assessment
  • On-demand video interview
  • Live phone interview
  • Live face-to-face interview

Solution #2: Continue to use validated pre-hire assessments. Hiring Blueprints are built around Modern Hire’s job-specific Virtual Job Tryout assessments. The Tryouts deliver valid, predictive data to healthcare recruiters about candidates’ future performance on the job while at the same time offering candidates multiple opportunities to learn about the role and the healthcare system, hospital, or clinic. During a staffing shortage like in the healthcare industry, recruiters may be persuaded to suspend their use of pre-hire assessments when they’re likely hiring most or all of the candidates who apply. That is, in fact, one of the worst moves to make. Suspending assessments doesn’t increase the size of a talent pool and can negatively affect hire and new hire retention. 

Here are some better alternatives:

  • Lower or temporarily remove cut scores on assessments to increase pass rates
  • Offer secondary “soft cuts” that require some authorization for areas with difficulty sourcing candidates
  • Extend the expiration date of existing scores from applicants to make hiring decisions to decrease time-to-fill

With Modern Hire’s ready to implement hiring plans and validated, job-specific pre-hire assessments, healthcare recruiters have advanced, science-based technology tools for coping effectively and efficiently with candidate shortages.  

The challenge: Diversity recruitment in healthcare. Recruiting a diverse workforce is a top priority for recruiting teams across industries. Workforce diversity can positively impact an organization’s financial performance and create a better working environment. In healthcare, workforce diversity can also drive better health outcomes for patients. What’s holding diversity hiring back? Human bias in hiring. 

The solution: Hiring technology that reduces bias. Modern Hire’s AI-powered platform reduces bias in hiring by:

  • Supporting data-driven hiring with pre-hire assessments that use advanced AI techniques. Modern Hire can evaluate and control for adverse impact on protected classes of candidates in these assessments.
  • Enabling Automated Interview Scoring using AI. Automated Interview Scoring has been proven to be over three times less biased than human interview scorers.

With Modern Hire’s platform, healthcare recruiters can make fairer and more accurate hiring decisions to build their most diverse workforce to date.

Northwell Health is the best health system for diversity in the nation for the second year in a row. Read how Northwell handles high-volume hiring for more than 20 hospitals with Modern Hire’s all-in-one hiring solution.

The challenge: Make remote hiring personal. Nurses and other healthcare professionals have many choices when it comes to employment, so recruiters need ways to create the kind of personalized connections that will keep qualified candidates engaged through to a job offer. Making those personal connections became harder with the move to remote hiring during the pandemic.

The solution: A virtual hiring platform that’s candidate centric. Modern Hire’s end-to-end platform is designed with the candidate in mind:

  • A modern, seamless experience for candidates as they advance in the process
  • Pre-hire assessments give candidates the job and employment experience insights they’re looking for to determine if the role is a good fit for them.
  • The opportunity to be assessed in terms of core job competencies, so candidates may be qualified as a fit even if they’ve never had that job before.
  • The ability for candidates to connect on the technology of their choice
  • Ways for recruiters to step up candidate engagement with communication, and reminders 

Modern Hire is the all-in-one solution built to improve quality of hire, increase fairness and efficiency, and create better experiences for healthcare candidates and recruiters. If you’d like to see what Modern Hire could do for your hiring process, request your demo today.