Using Text Messaging For Recruiting: Perception vs Reality

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perception and reality of text recruiting

Not quite ready to embrace text messaging as a viable recruiting strategy? This information may change your mind. If you’re thinking text messaging is not a serious tool for TA, or is unprofessional in the eyes of candidates, check out this new reality:

Smartphones and texting have become the new norm in business and in life. Text recruiting opens the door to a better candidate experience and greater TA efficiency for your team.

Empower your recruiters with texting at scale

Text is a versatile technology for engaging candidates, especially when it’s integrated with an end-to-end interviewing solution. Text-enabled platforms enable recruiters to use text at scale, so they can communicate with tens or hundreds of candidates at once. TA teams are using text to invite candidates to interviews, confirm interview times and keep candidates updated on their status.

And that’s just text messaging. Some advanced platforms have an integrated text interviewing application recruiters can use to quickly engage candidates. By asking a few questions about basic job requirements, such as having a valid driver’s license or a CNA certification as a pre-qualification step, recruiters can identify and advance qualified candidates faster. They also create a better impression with unqualified candidates by providing timely and polite communication. When text interviews are used as a first point of engagement, information is entered by the candidate, not the recruiter and is easily integrated with an ATS.

Some AI-enabled interviewing solutions feature a chatbot that interacts with candidates via text. These virtual recruiting assistants use natural language in text messaging to schedule candidate interviews and facilitate on-demand text interviews to create a better candidate experience. Read how recruiters at a Fortune 500 health insurer used on-demand text interviewing to improve efficiency and speed in their initial candidate evaluation and focus more of their time on the most promising candidates in this short case study.

5 reasons recruiters love text messaging

Not sure if your team will take to text recruiting? Here are some of the advantages of a text-enabled interviewing platform your team can use to improve their own efficiency and create a faster, more convenient experience for candidates:

  1. Text interviews accelerate screening and hiring, and reduce candidate wait times
  2. Texting at scale is an efficient way to reach and engage candidates, especially in high-volume hiring
  3. Candidates like to interact with recruiters on their terms, and most prefer text
  4. Text message interview scheduling is fast, easy and convenient for recruiters and the candidates they’re trying to impress
  5. Using text interviews and messaging contributes to a digitally forward employer brand
Create a more personalized candidate experience

Text is a powerful tool for building relationships with candidates, especially when your team uses a blend of automated and personalized messaging. With automated yet warm, branded text messages at scale, recruiters keep candidates informed and show they’re valued. They can use automated text messages at scale to notify candidates they’ve been selected for an interview, and to remind them about the interview time and location. Recruiters can intersperse this communication with personal messages thanking candidates for their interest, and to let them know they’d like to make a job offer. TA teams are also using text to stay in touch with candidates during onboarding, and to welcome them on their first day.

Land more top talent with text messaging

The reality is text recruiting works, especially in this day and age when recruiters are struggling with too many or too few candidates in their pipeline. Want to learn more about landing top talent with text? Download this free Modern Hire resource, Don’t Get Buried in the Candidate Crush.