Text-Based Mobile Interviewing Drives Faster Candidate Engagement

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Modern Hire
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Use of text-based mobile interviewing technology is soaring as companies realize the power of text to reach potential job candidates and consumers. Research indicates 98% of text messages are opened, and 90% are read within the first few seconds. For talent acquisition leaders, text-based interviewing’s capability to drive faster, richer candidate engagement can’t be matched by other technologies, making it one of the most effective strategies in mobile hiring today.

How Text-Based Mobile Interviewing Works

With on-demand text-based interviewing, recruiters can engage one or multiple candidates with an invitation to complete a text-based interview. Simply by opening the message, candidates can respond to interview questions quickly and easily. Recruiters have flexibility in configuring the questions according to their screening purposes for the role. As soon as candidates complete the interview, recruiters have access to the responses and can advance high-quality candidates to the next step. They can also direct an automated message that thanks candidates for their participation and lets them know their responses have been received.

Advancing Candidate Engagement & Recruiter Efficiency

Text-based interviewing takes mobile hiring to the next level in terms of candidate engagement by enabling candidates to enter a hiring process using their preferred method of communication on their preferred device. For candidates, the experience is convenient, simple, immediate and interactive as companies work to engage with brand-forward messaging and enhanced communication. Providers of text-based interviewing like Modern Hire are adhering to best practices for mobile-first design, from responsive design that’s agnostic to all devices to a consistently positive experience regardless of device.

Text-based mobile interviewing is also driving recruiting efficiency. Recruiters in large enterprise organizations are using this technology to increase candidate participation in their screening process while also handling screening with less time and effort. As a result, they’re able to sift through a pool of talent faster while also creating a favorable impression with all participating candidates. Modern Hire’s own client data supports its efficacy: Interview completion percentages are steady in the high 90s, and average time from text invitation to interview completion is less than 20 minutes.

In the candidate-driven market, candidates have the power of choice in the hiring process. The demand for mobile hiring capabilities will continue to grow as candidates seek and expect technology that makes life, including job hunting, easier. Text-based mobile interviewing is another option for TA leaders and recruiters to use in delivering a fast, simple and positive experience to candidates of all ages.

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