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Telehealth Hiring Blueprint Supports Enterprise Agility

This year, recruiting teams responded admirably to a near-instant switch to virtual hiring. Looking ahead, there’s much more to do if your recruiting team wants to be known as a business unit that delivers solutions. As traditionally in-person roles have become virtual, new skill sets and core competencies are required for strong job performance.

The rise of telehealth is a powerful example. Healthcare professionals are seeing 50 to 175 times the volume of patients via telehealth.1 It’s projected that 20% of healthcare spending going forward will be for telehealth visits.2 It seems the advantages of telehealth provides are too significant to let the practice go.

However, the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that drive success in telehealth positions are different from those in traditional healthcare jobs. The ability to interpret patients’ reactions on-screen or using audio cues only is essential for remote delivery of healthcare and health education. The telehealth hiring market has unique nuances, too:

  • Due to intense competition for telehealth candidates, recruiters need to reduce hiring delays and increase process convenience.
  • Telehealth professionals are less willing to commit to taking assessments because they are in-demand and can be selective about new roles.
  • Suspension of EB-2 visas is reducing the size of the credentialed talent pool coming to the U.S. However, the ability to work remotely via telehealth increases the potential to employ more healthcare employees and serve more patients.

A hiring plan tailored to telehealth roles

Modern Hire’s Telehealth Professional Hiring Blueprint is a multistage hiring plan designed for telehealth roles’ specific requirements. This recommended hiring workflow is based on nearly two decades of Modern Hire research and practice, more than 400 client validation studies, and data from billions of candidate interactions. The Telehealth Professional Hiring Blueprint includes a combined assessment and interview technology experience that offers a scientifically valid prediction of on-the-job success for telehealth candidates.

If you need to hire telehealth professionals, Modern Hire has the plan to follow:

  • Start with a brief on-demand text interview. Candidates answer questions about their experience working in the medical field and their willingness to work in a remote setting. Recruiters can also ask specific “knockout” questions related to job qualifications such as licensure or related credentials needed to operate as a telehealth employee. The use of text creates convenience, wider accessibility, and flexibility for healthcare professionals working all shifts. This step ensures only candidates who understand that the job is virtual and meets minimum requirements for your role advance.
  • Advance qualified candidates to a Virtual Job Tryout. In this pre-configured assessment, exercises delve into specific core competencies for job performance in telehealth roles, such as the desire to conduct work remotely, dealing with ambiguity and unexpected challenges, coping with pressure, and the ability to accurately interpret patients’ reactions. Candidates also engage in a realistic job preview, which allows them to see how your telehealth role is different from traditional or other telehealth jobs they may have held prior and the nature of your organization’s work experience.
  • Advance qualified candidates to an on-demand video interview. Recruiters can integrate questions provided in the Blueprint that are linked with telehealth-specific competencies with their own interview questions. Candidates respond to scenarios they could encounter on the job, such as complicated interactions with patients, technical issues during virtual patient visits, or follow-up questions about their qualifications. On-demand video interviews also allow recruiters to see how candidates communicate via videoconferencing software – the same type of technology they will use on the job with patients.

Further self-serve customization available

Modern Hire’s Telehealth Professional Hiring Blueprint comes ready to implement. All stages within the assessment as pre-populated.  Recommended items for the on-demand text, realistic job preview, and on-demand video interview stages are pre-populated as well, and they are designed for further self-serve customization by recruiters.

Advantages of an AI-powered, prescribed workflow

The Telehealth Professional Hiring Blueprint is scientifically designed by Modern Hire to help recruiting teams engage and screen, assess and interview, and evaluate and hire top telehealth talent. Recruiters can use it to fast-track hiring for telehealth positions. They can rely on identifying the strong candidate fit that is so important for earning patient satisfaction and minimizing new hire turnover.

From a technology perspective, this Hiring Blueprint is a perfect match for telehealth candidates’ expectations and the telehealth hiring market. The Virtual Job Tryout gives candidates a new level of insight into your role and your organization. From the ease of text interviews to the hiring experience created by AI-powered interview guides, which build on previous steps to prepare interviewers, every aspect of the hiring workflow can create the personalized hiring experiences that engage top talent.

It’s a new era for business and a unique opportunity for recruiting leaders to optimize hiring performance for their organization. Your readiness to realign hiring quickly for altered roles will impact the bottom line. If your team is filling telehealth positions, don’t waste another minute on a hiring solution that is not telehealth specific.