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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Technology Brings Higher Quality Employees

What it takes to make a best-fit hire in today’s market has changed. Traditional hiring processes and slow timelines have disappeared as talent pools have dried up. Hiring quality employees boils down to your ability to drive faster, smarter hiring decisions. Get the tools you need to make it happen with a science-based intelligent hiring platform. 

5 Ways To Use Tech for Smarter Hiring 

Your organization depends on you to serve up candidates with high-performer, future-leader potential and to protect against the lost time and cost of poor hires and low new-hire retention. You can focus your workflow on engaging best-fit candidates and reducing turnover with these tech-powered strategies: 

Capture and engage candidates faster. Personalized, time-saving experiences are the way to grab and keep candidates’ attention. You can streamline pre-employment screening and engage candidates faster on their preferred device with automated, on-demand text and pre-recorded phone and video interviews. An intelligent hiring platform that ingrates advanced selection science with video interview, assessment, and workflow automation tools helps you connect quickly with candidates and develop the data you need to decide who will advance.  

Identify quality candidates faster. Whether in a peak-volume hiring situation or working to fill niche positions, it’s always an advantage to identify quality candidates faster. That allows you to direct more of your time to engaging high-potential candidates and to start building relationships before another opportunity diverts them. Scalable pre-hire assessments let you quickly measure job competencies and candidates’ likelihood to stay on the job. Some intelligent hiring platforms integrate validated pre-hire assessments with on-demand video interviews to make this vital step fast and efficient for candidates and recruiting teams. 

Advance quality candidates faster.  Speed has become the new standard by which much of hiring is measured. In some companies, speed even represents the ideal candidate experience. Intelligent hiring platforms automatically advance qualified candidates. Modern Hire’s platform uses natural language to invite candidates who meet specific criteria to move directly to the next step. Best-fit candidates advance quickly toward your shortlist with little to no wait time.   

Reduce bias. Unconscious bias is a well-documented interviewing challenge that often prevents organizations from advancing top candidates. With science-based technology, recruiters can reduce the risk of bias, create fairer hiring processes, and support quality hiring for a diverse workforce. Automated Interview Scoring is an innovative assistive AI tool that analyzes candidate responses and recommends scores based on job-relevant data and competencies linked to job success. Automated Interview Scoring is three times less biased, enabling better candidate evaluation and outcomes. Learn more about reducing bias in interviewing with technology.   

Involve hiring managers early and often. You can leverage a hiring manager’s knowledge of the position and the team your new hire will join by collaborating more closely with that manager. Use an intelligent hiring platform to support better working relationships:  

  • Connect for intake meetings live conveniently and easily via video  
  • Forward top candidates’ recorded interviews responses to hiring managers for their efficient review from anywhere at any time  
  • Share the final slate with the entire hiring team by forwarding recorded on-demand interviews  
  • Bring specific hiring managers or the entire hiring team into live panel interviews with top candidates  
  • Talk live via video to make final hiring decisions  

Getting hiring managers involved early can increase their confidence in hiring decisions and their satisfaction with your work. 

Personalized Hiring Experiences Attract Quality Employees. Woven throughout all of these strategies is your candidate’s experience. When you create a hiring experience that empowers candidates to see your organization and understand how your values align with theirs, attracting and engaging the best-fit candidates becomes easier. Your performance against quality of hire metrics such as new-hire retention, speed to competency, and new employee and hiring manager satisfaction levels improves.  

An intelligent hiring platform showcases your organization and talent brand with every candidate interaction and is flexible to seamless workflows you design to create the right candidate experience for the role. With a personalized experience, you’re more likely to move higher quality talent from candidate to new hire to top-performing, loyal employee.  

Like to learn more about making smarter, faster-hiring decisions? Download How to Hire Right When You Are Starved for Candidates for ideas on how you can identify and engage best-fit candidates with less bias during the current labor shortage.