Tech Transforms Hiring at 3 Fortune 500 Healthcare Companies

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Jun 11, 2019
tech transformation healthcare

Progressive talent leaders in the healthcare industry have found the formula for better talent acquisition in today’s competitive market:

They’ve transformed their hiring with interviewing technology, re-imagining workflows and changing the way recruiters spend their day. Here are the practical, tangible strategies three Fortune 500 healthcare companies deployed to capture better talent and drive business outcomes.

HCA reduces time to fill

When you’re making 70,000 hires each year, scheduling interviews by phone becomes a burden that diverts recruiters’ time from more strategic candidate engagement. That’s what was happening at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), where the manual scheduling process also meant HCA missed out on some quality candidates. However, recruiters were reluctant to give up the opportunity to talk live with candidates and forge that connection. HCA’s talent leaders knew implementing automated scheduling could be an innovative way to restructure the hiring workflow and free recruiters’ time but needed to get all of its team onboard. Leaders decided to pilot automated scheduling. One division would text an invite to candidates to self-schedule their phone interview. In another division, recruiters would attempt to contact candidates by phone first and then send the text invite.

“We’re a very large organization so I’m blessed with the ability to do pilots with a sizable group of professionals when we’re introducing new technologies and practices,” says Kelly Furbee, HCA’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition. “The pilot data informs our decisions on strategy and helps win our recruiters’ buy-in.”

The difference in candidate response was clear. With Modern Hires’s automated scheduling, HCA moves candidates forward faster in its healthcare hiring process by decreasing candidates’ wait time to schedule a phone interview, as well as staff resources devoted to scheduling.

Read about the marked difference in candidate response rates in HCA’s pilot.

Regeneron expands its intern program with better hires

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ intern program is a major source of its hires. However, recruiters were spending too much time screening its high-volume applicant pool. Doing first-round interviews by phone created a bottleneck that was a barrier to the program’s growth.

To evaluate fit faster while still creating a positive experience for its student candidates, Regeneron replaced first-round phone interviews with on-demand video interviews students can complete with their smartphone.

“We post and review applications as before, but now we send a link inviting qualified students to complete an on-demand video interview. We don’t spend hours scheduling interviews and phone screening candidates who are qualified on paper but aren’t a fit for our jobs. And we’re able to evaluate quicker – sometimes you know within minutes of starting the video review that the candidate is either a great fit or they aren’t. Eliminating phone interviews for our first-round interviews has saved us valuable man hours we’re now using to engage with the right candidates through live video interviews,” says Natalie Griffith, Senior Manager of University Relations at Regeneron.

Regeneron is now interviewing thousands and hiring hundreds for its intern program rather than 80 to 100, without increasing its recruiting team.

Learn why Regeneron’s hiring mentors love the on-demand interview process.

Making better health insurance call center hires faster

Member services call center hiring was a constant pain point for one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers. Recruiters needed to identify right-fit candidates within the high-volume talent pool faster so they could spend more time with the most viable candidates. TA leadership implemented on-demand text interviewing as a pre-qualification process. Candidates were invited to answer basic, preliminary questions by text, such as salary requirements, possible start date, and hours and availability. Candidates with responses that fit within specific parameters were then invited to complete an on-demand interview. With on-demand text, recruiters receive candidate responses back within hours, not days, and can focus recruiting on candidates who meet the qualifications. For candidates, it’s a fast, simple and convenient experience. Read the brief case study.

Single-Solution Technology Makes the Difference

All three of these Fortune 500 healthcare companies and more have chosen Modern Hire as their interviewing partner. They’ve found our single-solution platform is vital to creating the simple, seamless candidate experience that helps their TA teams out-compete others in the talent market. To find out more about how a single solution drives better hiring results, download The Truth About What’s Hurting Your Candidate Experience today.