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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Take Professional Recruitment to the Next Level with Hiring Blueprints

Ask any business professional or leader how their work has changed since 2020, and many will talk about the need for increased agility and efficiency. Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints enable recruiting teams to improve their hiring agility and efficiency for more than 40 roles, including professional and executive positions.

What are Professional Hiring Blueprints?

Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints are prescribed workflows used by recruiting teams to quickly start hiring and create a seamless, personal experience for candidates. Hiring Blueprints are job-specific, and each is made up of three or more of the following stages which recruiters manage through Modern Hire’s platform:

  • On-demand text or phone screen
  • On-demand realistic job preview
  • On-demand job-specific Virtual Job Tryout™ assessment
  • On-demand video interview
  • Live phone interview
  • Live face-to-face interview

Recruiting automation in Hiring Blueprint workflows helps TA teams work faster and smarter and reduce candidates’ wait times between hiring stages. In addition, the Blueprints are highly configurable. Recruiters can start with the recommended workflows and tailor them to the professional role by adding or removing stages, customizing assessment content, editing questions and evaluation criteria, and personalizing job previews and candidate communication. 

Predict candidates’ success in professional and leadership roles

Hiring Blueprints are built around the Virtual Job Tryout, Modern Hire’s science-based pre-employment assessment, which predicts candidates’ performance in the role using data and advanced AI techniques. Think about it! How would that predictive power change professional recruiting outcomes in your organization? It was bottom-line transformative for one financial services organization. This Modern Hire client wanted a way to predict candidates’ success on the licensing exams new hires must pass before they can start selling securities and building a client portfolio. These exams can’t be taken pre-hire. Knowing which candidates are more likely to pass their exam on the first try would be a huge hiring advantage, especially since first-time pass rates are reported to be only 50% to 65%—more on this story in a bit.

The Virtual Job Tryouts predict on-the-job success in professional roles by focusing on core competencies needed for those roles, such as focusing on customers, driving results, communication, solving problems, and career stability. They ensure recruiting teams evaluate candidates for professional and leadership roles on the right things and have the objective, accurate talent intelligence to make informed hiring decisions. 

Advantages for professional recruiting

In addition to knowing in advance which candidates are more likely to succeed, recruiters gain several other advantages in professional hiring:

  • Flexibility for candidates to participate in assessments and on-demand interviews at times most convenient for them, on the technology they choose
  • Faster time to job offers so candidates aren’t waiting and recruiters can secure the best professional and executive talent
  • Finding the fit that will help retain talented professionals
  • Confidence in optimized candidate selection decisions
  • Creating job-relevant hiring experiences that inform, engage, and satisfy candidates

All of these advantages matter, especially when professional and executive talent is scarce or in high demand.

Improving professional hiring outcomes

Back to that client’s success story….When this financial services organization partnered with Modern Hire, it aimed to improve recruiting metrics like time-to-fill. The goal was hiring transformation that improved business metrics at the organizational level.

Gaining the ability to hire based on predicted candidate success on licensing exams has paid off. Candidates who scored in the top 50% on the problem-solving competency in the Virtual Job Tryout were 31% more likely to pass the Series 7 exam and 16% more likely to pass the Series 66 exam the first time. And here’s the bottom-line impact: Candidates who scored in the top 70% on the Virtual Job Tryout grew their client portfolio and revenue every quarter, eight quarters in a row. Candidates who scored in the bottom 30% sold fewer products, acquired fewer clients, and achieved lower overall sales results. Read the entire case study here.  

Professional and executive roles are changing. To find out more about how your recruiting team can improve hiring outcomes with data-driven candidate selection and candidate-centric experiences, request your Modern Hire demo today.