TA Leaders’ Quiz: Are You a Good Fit for Video Interviewing?

   |    4 minutes read

Jul 21, 2016

All kinds of statistics have starting appearing in the last year which indicate a growing use of video technology for hiring. However, the “everybody else is doing it” argument isn’t reason enough for TA professionals to put this innovative technology on their to-do list. As the leader of hiring in your organization, you’re most concerned with maximizing the value and performance of your own TA. Still, if you’ve thought about video interviewing from time to time, take this short quiz. The insight you gain may help you decide if this tech is worth a more serious look.

  1. Have You Tried Using Skype for Job Interviews? If your answer is yes, then clearly you’re already intrigued by the technology. Even if you’ve had a poor experience with Skype, it’s worth exploring video interviewing that’s designed specifically for hiring. If you’ve had a bad experience you’re not alone: According to multiple surveys over a three-year period, only 38.7% percent of hiring managers and recruiters found Skype’s technology easy to use for an interview.’In the decade since video interviewing was first introduced, purpose-built technology has evolved to meet the sophisticated requirements of hiring in large enterprise organizations. Its value is no longer just tactical time and cost savings. Today’s mature solutions can provide strategic value that helps you find the right-fit candidates faster and more often.
  2. Is Your Hiring Process Collaborative? Of course everybody’s hiring process is collaborative to some degree, but if hiring decisions truly are dependent on multiple people in your organization, then video interviewing could offer an advantage. Another way to look at it is this: Are hiring decisions in your company frequently held up by travel or by scheduling difficulties? You could remove these obstacles to a speedier hiring process with live panel video interviews, which enable your hiring stakeholders to join from any location. You could also shave time from your screening process with on-demand video interviews, which can be reviewed, rated and shared with stakeholders easily.
  3. Are You Doing Social Recruiting? If your answer is “no” but you wish it was “yes”, then video interviewing technology could be a good fit. A purpose-built solution like Modern Hire enables recruiters to take advantage of social media to post open positions and invite candidates to apply by completing an on-demand interview. Extensive social media experience is not needed by you or your candidates.
  4. Are You B2C or B2B? B2C companies generally have brand management well in hand, and video interviewing only furthers your efforts to share your related employer brand with your candidates. B2B companies need an employer brand too, and if you’re struggling with getting that message across to candidates, video interviewing technology is a strong solution. According to candidates who’ve participated in a live Modern Hire interview, employers seem innovative and forward-thinking just by using video interviewing. There are also many built-in opportunities to share your brand visually. Perhaps even more importantly, you gain the opportunity to communicate that brand message directly in live video interviews, and through videos you incorporate for candidates in your on-demand interviews. You can share so much more about your culture, your work environment and the unique qualities of your company with face-to-face conversation than any other mode of communication.
  5. Is the Appetite for New Tech in Your Organization Hungry, Could Use Another Bite, or Full-Up? Implementing a new platform is an endeavor in any company, but getting up and running with video interviewing is easier than you might expect. Purpose-built platforms like Modern Hire use the Cloud, so you can integrate the application into your hiring work flow within weeks and see ROI within as little at 90 days. Modern Hire’s solution is enterprise-strength technology, so we can ease any concerns your IT department may have about network integration, bandwidth use, security and compliance.

For your team and other potential video interviewing users within your company, the learning curve is next to none. We provide both training and change management support to ensure you get the most value from our solution. So, even if you describe your company as “Full-Up” on new tech, successful introduction of video interviewing into your organization is still possible.

Hopefully this quiz has spurred some new thinking about your hiring process. If your interest is piqued, please contact us today about scheduling a live demo – there’s no better way to determine if video interviewing is a good fit for your organization.