TA Leaders are “Cautiously Optimistic” about AI in Recruiting

July 3, 2018    |    1.5 minutes read

Modern Hire

Large-enterprise TA leaders are widely split in their opinion on AI in recruiting and hiring. In a new study commissioned by Modern Hire, just 50% agree that AI is commonly accepted as a concept in recruiting. Less than half (46%) have considered AI to automate the recruiting process. Though TA decision-makers believe AI has potential to improve their department’s performance, most are cautious about early adoption.

Where TA Leaders Predict AI in Recruiting Will Transform Hiring

In the independent study, TA leaders at the director level and above identified 2018 priorities and their plans for investments in technology.  Get the full report.

These decision-makers expect AI’s most substantial impact will be in two areas:

  • Highly administrative and task-oriented functions, and
  • Tasks involving large volumes of data, from both internal and external sources

Study participants identified screening, sourcing and scheduling of candidates as the top three hiring process steps in which AI could do the most to support hiring goals.

Replacing or Advancing Recruiters’ Role?

TA leaders are confident about job security for their recruiting team despite extensive media debate about AI’s potential to replace employees across many industries. A large majority of TA leaders do not believe AI will replace the role of recruiters. In fact, 59% say it will actually advance the function of recruiters, most likely by assisting with administrative work so they’re freed to step into the role of strategic talent advisor.

The Path to AI Implementation

For traditionally conservative TA leaders, uncertainty about candidate reaction to AI and regulatory risk could increase their caution, limiting adoption of AI to tested and proven hiring technologies. They may be watching for tides to turn internally as well: Only 40% say AI is widely accepted and adopted with their organization. Still, about half of TA decision-makers see a potential point of entry into AI-enabled hiring, with 51% indicating they are confident in using Machine Learning to inform hiring decisions.

Benchmark Your 2018 Priorities

The study queried TA decision-makers about their plans for candidate experience, predictive technologies and top TA initiatives for 2018. Take advantage of the full report to benchmark your 2018 strategy and learn how your peers see the future of TA in this coming year.