Stand Out to College Grads Even If You Can?t Pay Top Dollar

Stand Out to College Grads Even If You Can?t Pay Top Dollar

by Modern Hire on October 31,2018

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Starting salaries are on the minds of college grads this month as they look to land a first job. Are their expectations in line with your pay structure?

Campus Recruiting

Starting salaries are on the minds of college grads this month as they look to land a first job. According to a?LendEDU report, 38% of students surveyed expect to earn more than $60K their first year; another 17% expect to earn more than $80K.?Korn Ferry reports that average earnings for college grads are at an all-time high. Are their expectations in line with your organization?s pay structure?

Get Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Out There

Though the paycheck is a high priority for 2019 college grads, your culture and organizational values are also strong selling points. Telling the story of your employer value proposition (EVP) through a video interviewing platform is an innovative way to capture their interest. Purpose-built interviewing technology can help engage candidates, tell your EVP story, and give candidates the ability to showcase their skills in unique, modern ways.

How TA Teams Improve Campus Recruiting with Interviewing Technology

One third (33%) of companies that participated in the Talent Board?s 2017 Candidate Experience Benchmark program indicated they use video interviewing software for entry-level hiring, including college recruiting programs. Many have worked the multiple applications available in some interviewing solutions into their workflows on and off campus for a modern hiring process. Campus recruiting teams commonly use these technology-enabled strategies:

  • Quickly engaging and qualifying student candidates with brief text interviews
  • Conducting preliminary interviews and sharing company information with candidates via on-demand or pre-recorded video and voice-only interviews
  • Offering candidates simple and fast registration for campus recruiting events and career fairs using automated scheduling
  • For candidates on campuses, they don't visit, meeting through live video interviewing
  • Coordinating follow-up phone or in-person interviews using a virtual recruiting assistant

Whether you use one or more of these strategies, each offers the chance to engage in a collaborative interaction where candidates can get the chance to learn more about your company, the culture, the job they are applying for and even meet their potential manager and team.

Elevating Your Talent Brand with Interviewing Technology

For many campus recruiters, building awareness of their employer brand is a major pain point. Students may not be familiar with your organization, or they may be focused on the ?coolness? of a job with a brand name everyone knows. A purpose-built video interviewing platform helps you solve this issue with the ability to reach out to large groups of students before and during your campus visit using technology already in their hands. Students? branded hiring experience with you is fast, simple, convenient and personalized, which helps your organization stand out.

Ferguson, a national plumbing supplies distributor which hires many entry-level candidates, faced this brand awareness challenge on campus. Its talent management team changed its campus hiring strategy, replacing initial phone screens with an on-demand interview, to get the hiring results it wanted.

Jennifer Lassiter, Ferguson?s Operations Manager for Talent Management said,

?We are still going to all the same campuses. This wasn?t about cutting our travel costs, but about efficiency and what recruiters can do best with the time they have. This allows them to spend more time on each campus promoting our brand and focusing on the great candidates. Not all candidates, the great ones.?

If you?d like to get the details on how Ferguson reinventing its campus interviewing with interviewing technology,?download the case study.