Staffing Waste: Staffing Process Improvement (Part 7 of 7)

August 31, 2010

Modern Hire

If you’ve read all this and you’re left wondering how on earth you’ll ever find the time to reduce false starts, rework and the negative impact of performance variation, you’re not alone. In fact, these very challenges are what led us at Modern Hire to find an innovative solution that improves the staffing process with an evidence-based, data-driven approach that directly connects candidate evaluation metrics to job performance.

Staffing Waste, Rework and Performance Variation

We launched the Virtual Job Tryout, as a game-changing, interactive pre-employment test for HR professionals and recruiters looking to increase the predictability of hiring more top performers and fewer bottom performers. What makes Virtual Job Tryout a one-of-a-kind employee selection tool is that it combines a highly-customizable employment brand message, a realistic job preview and simulated work samples into one seamless “test drive” experience.

In addition, Virtual Job Tryout maximizes efficiencies of your staffing process by outsourcing data entry to candidates. As candidates complete Virtual Job Tryout their responses are captured, scored and presented to you in easy-to-understand reports. You can continuously monitor and use the data to make better, more reliable staffing decisions.

In Help Wanted & Help Found, a recent book on recruiting, one of our clients made the following statement about using the Virtual Job Tryout. “We aren’t only hiring better candidates, but we are getting more and better information about all candidates,” said Gretchen Frampton, Starbucks’ program manager for assessments. Starbucks also says it has seen a significant improvement in business results by using Virtual Job Tryout to identify and stop hiring, candidates that perform in the bottom 20%.

So, give us a call. Get control of staffing waste, drive profit up and costs down through staffing process improvement with our Virtual Job Tryout, a better pre-employment test.