St John of God Health Care


St John of God Health Care is a leading provider of high-quality health care services in Australia. Established in Western Australia in 1895, they are a not-for-profit private health care group and a Catholic Church ministry. Employing more than 13,000 staff across Australia, they operate 23 facilities comprising more than 3,350 beds and home nursing, disability services, and social outreach programs.



Recruitment Context

St John of God Health Care introduced automated video interviewing for their graduate nursing programs, then progressed to junior doctor programs, international recruitment, and senior positions. Recently, our video interviewing solution was used for a recruitment campaign for the new Berwick hospital in Victoria. Video interviews replaced their early-stage telephone screens or added another rigor level in some cases when phone screens were not used. Hiring Managers provide questions to involve them earlier in the hiring process.

“We introduced video interviewing to streamline our recruitment process further. We run a lean shared Recruitment & HR Service, and it can be challenging to manage competing priorities in an organization of more than 13,000 Caregivers across multiple locations. With our early-stage screening conducted by a panel of managers, our timeframes with the standard recruitment process can be protracted because it can be difficult for managers to review a shortlist or attend interviews due to the multifaceted nature of their job. It sometimes proved hard to get everyone together.” – Eve Dawson, Group Manager Recruitment and HR Services


Snapshot: St John of God Berwick Hospital

Video interviewing was used for a recruitment campaign for a new hospital site in Victoria, St John of God Berwick Hospital. With close to 4,000 applications received, the Recruitment & HR Service looked to technology as a robust solution to ensure the best candidates were appointed to join the Berwick team.


According to Lisa Norman, Chief Executive Officer, St John of God Berwick Hospital, the technology-enabled the hospital to be more agile in their recruitment process and ensuring the best candidates were engaged:

“Getting the right people into our new $120 million hospitals is critical as they will deliver care on a day-to-day basis and build our culture and reputation in the community.”

“The successful recruitment campaign meant that more than 5OO first-round interviews were required with Sonru’s video interview technology identified as the best way to shortlist candidates. This technology proved to be incredibly beneficial not only for our managers who could review the video interviews around their busy schedules, including via their phone but also for the candidates themselves.” – Melanie McTaggart, Recruitment Coordinator, St John of God Berwick Hospital

“Having such an agile recruitment process has meant we have a skilled and experienced talent pool to ensure we employ the best candidate for each position. The video interviews are accessible for two years, which allows our managers to revisit candidates for future recruitment opportunities.” – Lisa Norman, Chief Executive Officer, St John of God Berwick Hospital

Suitable for Varied Roles and Age Groups

With a completion rate over 84%, the technology is not a barrier for most candidates, with adoption lending itself to both senior roles and older age groups.

Melanie McTaggart, Recruitment Coordinator, St John of God Berwick Hospital, is adamant that: “it was not limited to our administrative roles, with people interviewed for positions as varied as cooks, midwives, physiotherapists, nurses, and concierges.”   

“Regardless of the vacancy, we have a strong response rate from candidates. Recently, we have used Sonru for senior appointments. This process has been particularly successful with panel members in executive roles across the country, allowing them to review when their schedule allows.” – Eve Dawson

“We were able to use this technology for a wide range of candidates, not just the tech-savvy generation, which was important because more than a third of the people we interviewed were aged between 45 and 54.” – Melanie McTaggart

Flexibility for Candidates   

“Candidates enjoy the flexibility of being able to complete the interview in their own time. Many candidates are shift workers in healthcare, and attending an interview during our office hours may be difficult for them. Also, candidates in senior positions may have limited time during the day to complete a phone screening or attend first-round interviews.” – Carly Smith, HR Coordinator, Recruitment & HR Services

Flexibility for Hiring Managers

“Our hiring managers enjoy the flexibility of being able to view interviews around their work commitments and various rosters. They can log in from their mobile device or computer to review shortlisted candidates and add their comments. It also facilitates the same selection panel for the selection and appointment of a candidate.”– Eve Dawson

St John of God Health Care Recruitment and HR maintain that video interviewing technology has proven to be very useful for their managers who can review video interviews around their busy schedules and provides flexibility for candidates themselves.

Ahead of the Competition

St John of God Health Care affirms that our solution has shortened the time of their recruitment life-cycle, not only in screening time but also by ensuring hiring managers are only spending time with suitable candidates, “an important consideration is given the industry we work in.”

“Some campaigns have resulted in extended time frames before finalizing interviews and progressing candidates through the recruitment process. Video interviewing has given us the agility to make offers to candidates before our competitors. During graduate recruitment, as an example, we compete for the best candidates with other healthcare providers. Since using Sonru, we have been able to deliver offers of employment before our competitors.” – Eve Dawson

Candidate Feedback

The following is derived from over 160 respondents who volunteered to complete a survey made available to all St John of God Health Care candidates.

  • 94% felt sufficiently informed about what was required
  • 84% satisfaction with the candidate experience
  • 94% would complete a video interview again
  • 22% of respondents were aware of video interviews beforehand, and 2% had completed a video interview in the past
  • 24% completed the video interview on a mobile device
  • 98% completed the video interview at home
  • Choosing the time and overall convenience emerged as the most popular benefits of video interviewing
  • 64% completed the video interview in their native language.

“This was my first time doing a video interview. It was different from a conventional one but more comfortable to complete and hassle-free.“

“Very different as I have never sat one before but found it to be not as daunting as expected once started the process. It was quite easy to use and understand.” 

“It was surprisingly good. I felt comfortable in my own home and confident.”

“Very user-friendly and good orientation for first time user.”