Market-Driven Innovation: Introducing the Modern Hire Spring 2019 Product Launch

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Spring 2019 product launch

Spring is the time of year when we’re reminded to ‘stop and smell the roses’. But if you’re like most businesses, the pace of work is getting faster and shows no sign of slowing down. Here at Modern Hire, we’ve heard clients tell us that because they’re busy focused on recruiting great talent and finding the best candidates to join their organizations, they sometimes miss updates on key features we’ve rolled out. To help address that, we’ve made some changes to the way we roll out new features. To better help you plan for updates, we’re introducing a quarterly market launch of new features. Each quarter, starting in May, we will share a summary of the latest feature highlights that are available. This change gives us a chance to share the ‘big picture’ and allows you to activate features that will generate even higher ROI with your Modern Hire solution.

In the last two quarters we’ve made several enhancements to the Modern Hire platform and wanted to take a moment to share the latest feature highlights. To learn more about these enhancements and how Modern Hire can help you address your hiring challenges, contact us to schedule a demo. We invite our current clients to contact their Client Success Manager for more details.

Engaging better candidates faster with AI-enabled Automation

A majority of TA leaders are most comfortable using artificial intelligence (AI) at the front end of hiring for screening, sourcing and scheduling, according to Modern Hire research. Those early stages are where we’ve concentrated our most recent enhancements to the Modern Hire platform, including:

  • Scheduling Assistant – enables recruiters and hiring managers to schedule interviews quickly, and gives candidates control in scheduling that’s convenient for them.
  • Auto Advancement – enables automatic advance of qualified candidates to the next interviewing stage based on predetermined criteria, such as completion of interview questions, meeting an interview rating score threshold, and scores in integrated third-party behavioral and skills assessments.
  • Outlook Calendar Sync – uses the free/busy data in Microsoft Outlook’s Exchange calendar to find availability on hiring managers’ calendars, then presents choices to candidates via the Scheduling Assistant to sustain interviewing momentum.
  • Text Messaging – enables recruiters to text candidates with interview invitations and reminders at scale.
Enhanced recruiter efficiency through an improved user experience for talent acquisition teams

Attention to detail is an important driver for candidate experience, but most recruiters’ workdays are overflowing with tasks. Our recent enhancements improve TA teams’ efficiency on small but critical details:

  • Job summary – gives recruiters a bird’s-eye view of where candidates are in the hiring workflow
  • Job templates – enable recruiters to quickly create job requisitions using pre-built templates
  • Streamlined workflows – recruiters can add candidates to job requisitions quickly, from a single screen, and perform other tasks in less time

We are the only partner who can solve 100% of our clients hiring needs with a single, integrated platform. That means continually advancing our solution to solve our clients’ hot-button hiring challenges: candidate experience, assessing talent at scale, and pragmatic use of AI to improve talent acquisition.

Our latest enhancements are already propelling enterprise talent acquisition and supporting our clients in smarter, more informed hiring decision-making. See how Modern Hire could accelerate quality hires in your organization with a personal, online demonstration today.

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