HireVue announces acquisition of Modern Hire

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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Staffing Technology

Hire Faster – and Better – with Automated Candidate Workflows

Speed to hire is a top priority of our RPO and staffing firm clients. But scalability, quality of hire, and turnover are critical measures, too. Modern Hire’s staffing technology improves efficiencies and submission quality with industry- and job-specific workflows powered by advanced selection science.

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Hiring Efficiency Is a Competitive Advantage

With Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform, your RPO or staffing firm can reduce per-hire workload and improve business profitability. Our ready-to-go hiring templates are built around scientifically validated, job-specific assessment and interview content to engage and screen, assess and interview, and evaluate and hire talent faster and at scale. Available for a range of industries, jobs and hiring challenges.


Increase in placement with no additional recruiters

Whether you’re hiring for hourly workers, sales, professional staff. or senior managers, Modern Hire’s hiring technology is unmatched for speed, scale, and fit.

Modern Hire Transforms Hiring for Leading RPO/Staffing Organizations

Modern Hire transforms RPO/Staffing placement and hiring with trusted science and proven hiring technology.

With Modern Hire, RPO/staffing firm recruiters engage candidates’ interest, identify fit, and make placements or hires faster than ever, for single positions and at scale. You gain the tools to reduce your per-hire workload and improve business advantage and profitability. Learn how our intelligent hiring platform can meet the needs of every step of your hiring process.

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Embedded into all of our interview technology products and innovations, CognitIOn by Modern Hire is the company’s industry-leading science, representing our capabilities and deep expertise in predictive analytics, ethical AI, and industrial organizational (I-O) psychology.

Cognition is powered by tens of millions of candidate interactions and nearly two decades of research and practice into human behavior, ethical AI, and compliant, best-fit hiring.

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Seriously Better Hiring

Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform is rigorously designed to predict success. Discover how our advanced selection science and automated interview tools can build your most engaged, qualified, and diverse workforce ever.

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