Healthcare Recruiting

Your Blueprint to Successful Healthcare Hiring

The top nurses, CNAs, specialists, and administrators aren’t waiting for your job offer. They’re in demand, and you need to engage them fast. Hiring Blueprints for Healthcare hiring are your science-based roadmap to seriously better hiring today.

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Ready-to-go, job-specific hiring workflows

Healthcare Hiring Blueprints offer a combined Modern Hire hiring assessment and interview experience that measures competencies prove to predict success in the following roles:

• Telehealth Professional
• Telehealth Professional with Emotional Recognition
• Nurse
• Nurse Assistant (CNA)
• Healthcare Staff
• Healthcare Administration
• Healthcare Billing

Our Hiring Blueprints are based on two decades of research and practice, more than 400 client validation studies and data from billions of candidate interactions.

On a Mission to Innovate: Leading Healthcare Organizations Transform Hiring with Modern Hire

In healthcare hiring, continuous improvement in speed, candidate engagement, and quality of hire is essential for responding to whatever the ‘next normal’ brings.

An intelligent hiring platform like Modern Hire, backed by a deep investment in the science of human performance in the workplace, enables that continuous hiring transformation. Seriously better hiring starts with Modern Hire. Learn more now.

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Major healthcare brands count on Modern Hire for hiring workflows that are Efficient, Effective, Ethical, and Engaging.

CognitIOn by ModernHireTM

Embedded into all Modern Hire’s interview technology products and innovations, CognitIOn is the company’s industry-leading science, representing our capabilities and deep expertise in predictive analytics, ethical AI, and industrial organizational (I-O) psychology.

Cognition is powered by tens of millions of candidate interactions and nearly two decades of research and practice into human behavior, ethical AI, and compliant, best-fit hiring.

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Seriously Better Hiring

Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform is rigorously designed to predict success and offer a seamless experience for friction-free hiring. Discover how our advanced selection science and automated interview tools can build your most engaged, qualified, and diverse workforce ever.