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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Modern Hire's Latest Candidate Enhancements

Candidate Feedback Report and Candidate Dashboard enable hiring teams to provide candidates with user-friendly experiences from start to finish

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Candidate Feedback Report

The Candidate Feedback Report is designed to further communication and deepen candidate engagement. Clients can use the report to help build a rich candidate experience that extends past the interview.

  • After completing a Virtual Job Tryout assessment, candidates receive the report via email or by accessing it from the Candidate Dashboard
  • Clients edit the email template and add their logo and a custom header to highlight their brand
  •  Each report lists and defines the strengths the candidate demonstrated throughout the assessment
  • Candidates can leverage this information for future opportunities with that company or others


Importance of candidate communication: Research shows when hiring teams give candidates feedback at any point in the hiring process, a candidate’s willingness to refer others to that company increases by nearly 25%.

Candidate Dashboard

To give candidates a more seamless experience through each stage of an interview and assessment process, Modern Hire has introduced a Candidate Dashboard.

  • The Candidate Dashboard acts as a landing page for candidates.
  • Instead of waiting for individual email invitations for each interview or assessment, candidates can now act from the dashboard.
  • This includes scheduling a live interview, beginning an On-Demand interview, or downloading their Candidate Feedback Report.
  • The new Dashboard also supports right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Urdu and is WCAG compliant.

The Candidate Dashboard will help create an unfiltered workflow for candidates and hiring teams, helping to decrease candidate drop-off and reduce the time to hire.

CognitIOn by ModernHireTM

Embedded into all Modern Hire’s interview technology products and innovations, CognitIOn is the company’s industry-leading science, representing our capabilities and deep expertise in predictive analytics, ethical AI, and industrial organizational (I-O) psychology.

Cognition is powered by tens of millions of candidate interactions and nearly two decades of research and practice into human behavior, ethical AI, and compliant, best-fit hiring.