Software for Recruiters: What Your Team Will Love

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Modern Hire

Your TA team may be good at paperwork, but you hired them for their sales skills. If you cleared their time for more candidate conversations and reduced the admin, what could your team achieve? New AI-enabled software for recruiters makes that next-level performance possible by automating advancements in a hiring experience and improving recruiter efficiency. Here’s a look at why your team will love their jobs more with recruiter software, and some ideas for making deployment happen. 

3 Ways Software for Recruiters Can Up Their Game

The key with recruiter software is finding the right balance between automation and recruiter interaction with candidates. Being both high-tech and high-touch. You want to save your team’s time and effort on the repetitive, administrative work so they can drive more personal communication with qualified talent. An AI-enabled interviewing platform can help your recruiters reallocate their time to do more conversational recruiting and build a stronger social presence online by: 

Handling coordination of interviews and group hiring events.

An AI-driven recruiting chatbot gathers up availability from your hiring managers, then reaches out to your candidates via email or text to set up interviews. A virtual assistant can also handle cancellation and rescheduling, and send out reminders to cut down on missed interviews. Some software for recruiters also has the option for candidates to self-schedule via text or email. Either way, the pain of scheduling goes away. TA teams using Modern Hire’s platform for automated scheduling have candidate response rates as high as 95%. On average, candidates schedule their interview within two hours from a text invite; eight hours from an email invite.

Automated scheduling saves recruiters an average of 50 minutes per candidate.

Increasing efficiency with candidate management.

There are a couple of ways software for recruiters can enable more efficient candidate management:

  • When using text recruiting to pre-qualify candidates for basic requirements such as a driver’s license or ability to work second/third shift, recruiters can task their virtual recruiting assistant with scoring responses against specific criteria, and moving qualified candidates on to the next phases with an invite to an on-demand voice or video interview. The chatbot can also politely update candidates who will not be moving on. Modern candidates appreciate this speed in the hiring process, and recruiters appreciate the results. When clients use Modern Hire to screen candidates via text message, 90% of candidates respond. And, though the average time to respond is less than five hours, more than 50% of candidates respond in 30 minutes or less.
  • Helping recruiters direct their attention where it’s needed most. With customized dashboards that update in real-time, recruiters can see where the most qualified candidates are in the hiring process and take action to maintain candidate engagement and move things along.
Advancing unbiased candidate review.

A large majority (85%) of TA teams are under pressure to increase diversity in hiring. Multiple strategies go into reaching this goal, including reducing unconscious bias. Masking candidate identifier information during review of on-demand interviews is an effective way to reduce unconscious bias, but it’s not a practical solution if your team has to do it by hand. There is software for recruiters that automates masking of candidate information until after hiring managers review the interview and log their decision about advancing candidates. Your team can manage this challenging TA issue efficiently and effectively with technology.

DOWNLOAD: Diversity and Inclusion – How will you lead?

Getting Your Team’s Buy-In with Software for Recruiters

Despite all of the advantages, new software can feel like an unwanted gift to your recruiters. There could be fear of the unknown and doubt that this change represents something better. Getting your team’s buy-in is vital for your intended results to materialize. Think about developing an adoption plan that covers how you’ll communicate the change to your team, time set aside for training, revised performance expectations during the transition, and incentives for full-on engagement with the new recruiter software. Remember, you’re going for love, not just like! For strategies that drive a smooth integration, download our eBook, Introducing New Tech to Your Team.

Selecting Software for Recruiters

With thousands of recruiting platforms and stand-alone applications available, how do you go about exploring and selecting the best software for recruiters and for your organization? Look for recruiter software that

  • Your team can use at multiple stages in hiring. An interviewing platform that integrates live and on-demand interviews, automated scheduling, proven assessments and an AI-enabled recruiting assistant will let your recruiters advance candidates through the process in a consistently branded, seamless hiring experience. A single solution also allows your recruiters to avoid unnecessary work that comes with having multiple systems, like extra logins, toggling between systems, double data-entry, and the increased need for tech proficiency.
  • Integrates with all major enterprise ATS systems and syncs with major calendaring solutions.
  • Is enterprise grade – built to meet global organization requirements for compliance, security and scalability.

Last but perhaps most important when evaluating software for recruiters, look for a real technology partner. There’s not much worse than a software vendor who disappears after implementation. A true tech partner invests in your relationship and long-term success. They’re there with a plan to help you manage change and adoption of software for recruiters, offer live and on-demand training, and deliver 24/7 live support that protects your candidate experience. You should be able to count on your tech partner for regular check-ins to see how things are going and to suggest adjustments that keep your ROI maxed.