Is Social Media Information Ok to Use in Hiring? Here’s the Answer.

“If candidates put their information out on the Internet, can I use it?” It’s a top question for many recruiters and TA professionals.

If you’re looking for a definitive answer, spend an hour with a safe hiring expert during Modern Hire’s free HCI webinar Wednesday, October 19 from 12-1pm EDT.

Employment attorney Les Rosen will guide us through the legal ramifications to consider when finding candidate information on social media, when seeing candidates early in the process via video interviewing, and other hot trends in information collection pre-hire. In the past, Les has provided essential yet easy-to-digest information on the facts about the EEOC and OFCCP as they relate to video interviewing and concerns about discrimination.

Recruiters, learn how you can safely use candidates’ social media information for hiring.

Expect these key takeaways from the upcoming webinar:

  • Explore the topic of TMI (too much information) – What it means, how to avoid problem areas, the right and wrong approaches.
  • Dig deeper into common information resources such as social media and video.
  • Explore applicable legal and EEOC opinions.

HCI webinars provide continuing education credits, and you have ongoing access to the webinar recording for easy sharing.

Register now for “If It’s on the Internet, Isn’t it Fair Game? Social Media and Hiring.” You’ll find the answers you need to confidently use candidates’ social media information as a strategic advantage in hiring.

Register now for the free HCI webinar on the topic of too much candidate information, sponsored by Modern Hire.