Living the Brand. Supporting the Brand Promise

One of my responsibilities here at Modern Hire is to orient every new employee with our messaging certification process. That’s right: every new employee. Not just the sales or client-facing parts of the team, but everyone, and we have not wavered on this commitment as we have grown.

At Modern Hire, we believe that no matter what role you have – whether you are building a new feature for video interviewing or voice interviewing, helping a candidate at 2 a.m., or selling the technology solution to a Fortune 500 buyer – we all need to be anchored in the same core content and messaging. I begin by sharing the history and evolution of our messaging and why we take it so seriously. It solidifies who we wish to be to the outside world and constantly reinforces to ourselves the Modern Hire mission: to forever transform the hiring experience. Being consistent about our messaging and core value proposition is important as we differentiate ourselves in this living, growing business segment called purpose-built video and voice interviewing.

A good brand promise solidifies a company’s external image and reinforces its mission with employees.

One of the rallying points within our messaging framework is our brand promise. It’s the area that the whole team gets most jazzed about and, in truth, helps us attract new talent into our organization. It’s also part of how we decide who to hire when adding team members into Modern Hire, “Can they live up to our brand promise?” Our brand promise is a single word. It’s a single concept. SMILE.

Use your brand promise in recruiting by asking, “Can this candidate live up to our brand promise?”.

What Is a Brand Promise?

A brand promise is something everyone in the company can stand behind 100% of the time. So what exactly does that one word –SMILE– represent? Standing behind a smile means that we are all personally committed to a high level of customer service, personal interaction, and responsibility for the technology doing what it’s supposed to do. When we say the scheduling module is intuitive and saves recruiters hours each week, we commit to those truths and tracking the results. When we say our friendly, helpful support team is on and available 24 by 7 then it has to be true 100% of the time. We all rally behind knowing that anyone who interacts with a member of Modern Hire or any part of the Modern Hire software will come away with a smile because the experience with us or our technology is superior to the norm.

Literally and Figuratively

It’s not just the literal smile – although that definitely applies in this context because we are connecting people on video to be seen and heard. But it’s also the figurative smile. Recruiters smile because using the video or voice interviewing product gives back hours of time in their day, extends reach to a broader group of candidates, impresses top talent with an innovative, high tech experience, and makes them look like a hero to a harried hiring manager. Those hiring managers are smiling because they have a high quality slate of candidates and most likely a placement faster than what they are accustomed to. And, candidates walk away with a smile because they feel confident and comfortable that they portrayed themselves in the best possible light and feel pretty great about what they were able to share about themselves.

It may seem like a small thing. It’s literally one word. But for Modern Hire, it’s probably the biggest deal to all of us as it sits at the core of who we are, how we go to market, and how we work with our clients and prospects. It’s a little concept with a big punch: SMILE!