Software Advice says Skype Falls Short in Recruiting

There’s a new article out by Software Advice, a company that hosts reviews of interview solutions, which hits a long-time Modern Hire message further out of the park: Skype is not suited for the business of hiring. According to author Brian Westfall, senior market research associate at Software Advice, “Although many recruiters use Skype to conduct video interviews with candidates, if organizations want to get serious about shortening their time to hire and truly finding the best candidate for the job, especially as they grow and the number of applicants per position becomes overwhelming, they need to invest in a dedicated video recruiting platform to improve candidate experience.” While Modern Hire’s own research proves this point, it’s nice to see it stated so succinctly by a leading IT research and advisory company too.

Summarizing the Shortcomings of Video Chat & Video Conferencing

One of the strongest sections of Software Advice’s comprehensive review is a technology features comparison for video chat, video conferencing and video recruiting platforms. More than two dozen features essential for the recruiting function are included, making it fast and easy for recruiters to understand exactly where the gaps exist between chat and conferencing tools, and purpose-built video interviewing solutions. Westfall also hits the nail on the head when he identifies three of the most important shortcomings in chat and conference: The lack of an option for candidates to re-record interviews, the lack of interview comparison features, and the absence of on-demand interview capability. Says Westfall, “Systems like Modern Hire, with the ability for asynchronous video interviews and collaborative applicant grading and ranking, can become a valuable component in the candidate screening process even for job seekers who live just down the street.”

The Added Value of Purpose-Built Video Interviewing Solutions

As video interviewing has moved from an innovative, new solution to a mainstream best practice, companies are finding that purpose-built solutions provide added value in talent acquisition that goes beyond purely logistical benefits. These strategic benefits are significant, and in many cases, form part of the criteria companies are using as they make the decision to adopt video interviewing. Some of these strategic benefits include elevation of the employer brand, and the ability to provide a faster, better hiring experience for all candidates – those hired and the many more who are not.

Companies gain both strategic and logistical benefits when they adopt video interviewing tech.