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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Simplify interview scheduling with Modern Hire’s automated candidate scheduling feature

Designed for teams of all sizes, Modern Hire’s self-scheduling feature replaces existing manual workflows with adaptive automation options.  These features allow recruiters to automatically send invites triggered by each candidate’s progress through screening, assessment, and interviewing. Calendars update in real time, and Modern Hire handles any reschedules and automated reminders.

Allowing candidates to self-schedule their interview by choosing the day and time that works best for them, candidate Self-Scheduling takes the complexities of time management off your plate and has proven to be a game changer for some of the nation’s largest companies. Some of those companies have seen a 60% reduction in time to schedule and conduct interviews; interviews scheduled in under 11 hours on average, and a reduction in time to schedule interviews from 4 days to 5 hours.

Providing candidates with a simple way to schedule interviews is key to a great candidate experience. With this in mind, Modern Hire recently enhanced its self-scheduling platform to further streamline and improve the experience for candidates. We modernized the candidate UI, making it simpler to read and mobile-friendly. The confirmation page has been improved, giving candidates easy access to reschedule. We’ve also updated the Candidate Dashboard to give candidates additional interview details on interview type, time, and duration. This will especially improve the experience for those candidates with multiple interview invitations to manage. When integrated with Modern Hire’s suite of interview and assessment technologies like Automated Interview Creator and Automated Interview Scoring, hiring teams can  discover how advanced selection science and automated interview tools can build the most engaged, qualified, and diverse workforce ever. Modern Hire’s rigorously validated, AI-based digital interview tools have produced 50% more accurate interview question selection and more than 70% bias reduction.

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