Here’s How You Can Show Off Your Collaborative Side

If you doubted the existence of the collaboration revolution happening in today’s workplace, it’s time to become a believer. Research data released by Randstad reveals that young employees place a high value on collaboration. According to the Gen Z & Millennials Collide @ Work report, employees ages 22 to 34 prefer to communicate with co-workers and managers in person rather than by email or phone. And, 41% of Gen Z respondents said corporate offices are their workplace preference.

To attract young workers with the greatest potential, companies want to highlight their collaborative work environment during the hiring process. That’s been easier said than done, until now. With purpose-built video interviewing technology, TA professionals can show candidates their collaborative workplace instead of just talking about it.

3 Ways to Reinforce Your Company’s Collaborative Nature with Candidates

Every recruiter can say cooperation and teamwork are high priorities in their organization, but those with a video interviewing platform can let candidates actually experience that collaboration. Here are just three of the ways it works:

  1. Use multiple videos in on-demand video interviewing. Young candidates will already appreciate the ease and convenience of scheduling and completing on-demand video interviews online. When you integrate videos from several current employees in the interview, you increase its benefit for your talent acquisition outcomes even further. Ask the hiring manager to describe job qualifications and responsibilities on camera; get company leadership to provide the welcome video. Show that hiring isn’t done in silos – it’s a company-wide endeavor.
  2. Leverage a panel when interviewing live. With Modern Hire’s purpose-built video interviewing solution, an unlimited number of hiring decision-makers can participate in a live video interview from any location with their smart phone, tablet or computer. Candidates of all ages will see that hiring truly is a collaborative process in your organization. They will also see you respect their time. There’s no need to ask candidates back for multiple interviews because a key person is on the road or has a scheduling conflict. Getting everyone together quickly is easier via video.
  3. Connect top candidates 1-on-1 with potential colleagues. According to the Randstad data, Gen Z workers named co-workers who like to collaborate as the type of worker who would help them do their best work, an answer second only to co-workers who work as hard as they do. Imagine how powerful it would be for a top candidate to meet someone they might work with, and have the opportunity to ask their most pressing questions about the employment experience. The information they gets from this discussion could very well be the deciding factor in accepting a job offer. With the ease and convenience of connecting via video, video interviewing technology makes this kind of engagement possible.
Stand Out from Your Competitors

When you start using video interviewing to show off your collaborative culture, word will quickly spread. The candidate experience delivered via video interviewing helps set you apart from competitors who still hire with more traditional, slower processes. That brand elevation can help you attract more of the candidates you need, and move from interview to job offer to great hire even faster. 94% of candidates surveyed agree Modern Hire on-demand video interviewing is easy to use.

The most efficient way to explore whether video interviewing software could help improve your hiring ratios is to see the technology in action. We invite you to request a live demo today.


As Modern Hires VP of Product, Tom Boyle is responsible for product marketing and strategy, enhancing the product vision and driving the road map forward. Tom has consulted with hundreds of enterprise organizations about their unique Talent Management strategies. He is a regular contributor to industry magazines and blogs, including HR Bartender, the Ladders, ERE and Forbes.