Seasonal Hiring – 3 Ways to Hire Better Candidates Faster

August 30, 2018    |    2 minutes read

Modern Hire

It’s time to get serious about this year’s strategies for seasonal hiring. But, in the last 12 months, the hiring landscape for hourly workers has changed. Unemployment fell to an 18-year low in the U.S in May. Thousands of brick-and-mortar stores have closed, but there’s new growth in call centers, warehouses and delivery services. Demand for talent is driving wages up.

If you’re looking for ways to respond, here are three things you can do right now to build a better and faster seasonal hiring process this year.

Speed up your hiring cycle

This season’s candidates will get multiple job offers. To make sure top candidates receive yours first, integrate automated scheduling and on-demand text interviewing into your seasonal hiring workflow. Available in purpose-built video interviewing platforms, these applications are specifically designed to cut time from your hiring cycle and engage candidates via mobile. Many companies are replacing traditional phone screens with on-demand text and voice interviews to access candidates more quickly and reduce lag time between application submission and contact with a recruiter. Automated scheduling increases efficiency and speed with interview coordination, while automated reminders keep hiring managers timely with their feedback. SaaS video interviewing platforms can be implemented relatively quickly, and with very little training, your team can be using the tech like pros immediately and generating ROI within 90 days.

Ramp up candidate engagement

With so many competitors vying for the same talent pool, your employer brand needs to capture and hold candidates’ minds and hearts from the get-go. Refresh your message so it resonates with 2018 candidates, then carry it consistently into the talent market on your careers site, in job descriptions, on social sites and throughout your candidate experience. Share the information candidates are looking for such as timeline and scope of your positions, as well as a good sense of what it’s like to work for your organization.

Reach deeper and wider into the talent pool

With seasonal hiring, time is working against your ability to engage and assess the quickly-shrinking candidate pool. Get over this obstacle with these ideas:

  • Contact last year’s high-performing seasonal employees now and secure them for 2018. Look for opportunities to cultivate your relationship with this valuable group.
  • Involve your current employees in the hunt for talent by asking them for referrals. Raise awareness of your existing referral program, or start a seasonal effort to get them to help drive volume in applications.
  • Extend your reach with technology. Get interested candidates immediately into your process by socializing links to on-demand interviews, and with on-the-spot video interviews during hiring fairs and events. Then, use that same tech to speed hiring along as mentioned above.

Finally, review your onboarding strategy. Look for opportunities to improve your welcome to these new hires and get them feeling comfortable quickly, so they’re more likely to stick with you for the duration.

Seasonal hiring isn’t getting easier.

You can increase your rate of success by starting early and tailoring your strategies to what seasonal candidates expect in 2018.