How Savvy Are You About AI in Recruitment Right Now?

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AI in recruitment may be one of the fastest-growing areas of TA, but not everyone’s clear on what artificial intelligence entails or how it’s being applied in talent acquisition.

How Are You Approaching Adoption of AI in Recruitment?

Your answers to the quiz can speak volumes about where you are on the adoption curve for AI in recruitment. While some TA leaders are full speed ahead in deploying AI technologies, others are taking a slower, more restrained approach. A lot depends on how comfortable you believe your candidates will be with AI, and where you’re most comfortable using AI in your hiring process.

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Where in the Process do You Adopt AI?

According to our research, mainstream adoption of AI for TA is concentrated in the early stages of hiring – sourcing, scheduling and screening. In these areas, AI can effectively take some of the administrative load off your recruiters’ plates and support a digital, enhanced candidate experience at the same time. The net result is faster hiring, and better candidate engagement since recruiters can focus more of their day on strategic recruiting work.

Reducing Bias with Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

Beyond AI’s essential value in increasing recruiting speed and efficiency, it has enormous potential to minimize the persistent challenges of bias and discrimination in hiring. Though some applications of AI are still in early stages, like the AI recruiting tool Amazon tried and abandoned due to bias against female candidates, others, like Unbiased Candidate Review, are being used to support greater diversity in hiring. Unbiased Candidate Review masks candidates’ identifying information from hiring managers during the review of on-demand interview and until the hiring manager has entered an advance/do not advance decision in the system. Modern Hire research indicates that well over half of candidates and recruiters feel AI will be able to drive down bias in the hiring process. Candidates who’ve experienced discrimination in hiring see AI in recruitment as a viable solution:

If you’d like a more in-depth look at how large enterprise organizations are using AI in recruitment, take a few minutes today to review our State of AI in Talent Acquisition research report.