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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Right Fit Tech Candidates, Right Now

Layoffs at some high-profile tech companies have made the headlines lately but, overall, tech jobs will continue to be in demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, from 2021 to 2031, the need for information security analysts is expected to increase 35%. Positions in software development and quality assurance will see a 22% increase as will computer and information research scientists, reports the job board CareerBuilder.

According to LinkedIn, the average time to fill a job in 2022 was 36 days. The tech job board Dice.com reports that to fill any tech position takes at least 38 days. It takes 43 days to fill a software developer/engineer role. Given this talent shortage and the complexity of IT roles, anything that can streamline the process and find the right candidate faster is critical.

Use Tech to Engage Tech Candidates

Whether the tech talent you need is an experienced employee, soon-to-be graduate, or someone in the middle, video interviewing technology can help you cut right to the chase with these candidates. Use it to tailor your hiring process to their needs:

Make it easy. IT candidates are in high demand, so make everything about your hiring process easy, from initial screening right through to job offer. Invite candidates to an on-demand video interview by socializing your job postings through a video interviewing platform that’s synced with social media. Both on-demand and live video interviewing make connecting with a possible new employer extremely convenient for candidates with no travel and no time needed off work.

Make it clear you’re the best choice. Video interviewing offers so many ways for recruiters to highlight their employer brand and other attributes of a job and organization that might appeal to IT candidates. Get them engaged right away with a visual of the work environment, a video from their potential new manager, and videos from potential colleagues. Set up a Virtual Job Tryout® simulation so that both you and the candidate can see if the job is a good fit. You can easily tailor the information you want them to have, while they get access to key information that will help them decide on you as a new employer. Video interviewing is an efficient way to show IT candidates why you’re the best cultural fit for them, and thus the best choice.

Make it quick and accurate. A purpose-built video interviewing platform can shorten the hiring process significantly. Meet promising IT talent via video the same or next day after first contact. Modern Hire enables configurability at the question level, so you can quickly qualify candidates with the right skill set and get them moving forward in the process. With Modern Hire’s research-based Automated Interview Creator you can custom build interview questions that fit the role and skills you’re looking for. This ensures that hiring managers are spending their time with the right talent. All hiring decision-makers can join a live panel interview sooner in the process from any location, via smart phone or tablet if they choose. Together, you quickly gain further insight into skill sets and personality fit as you speak live with your candidate. Perhaps best of all, your streamlined process will help keep top candidates engaged and focused on the opportunity you are presenting.

Skype Isn’t Good Enough

There’s one important thing to keep in mind: Skype is not the tool to choose for hiring IT talent. IT candidates are going to be ultra-focused on the tech your organization uses, and they won’t be impressed if you rely on software designed for consumers. Use a purpose-built, branded video interviewing platform to let your IT candidates know you stay current with technology and want to offer a hiring experience that respects their time.

Need proof? 98% of candidates surveyed after a live Modern Hire video interview agree with this statement: By using Modern Hire, my prospective employer represented themselves as an innovative and forward-thinking employer. 

To learn more, request a demo of Modern Hire’s research-based, AI-driven screening, assessment and interviewing technology.