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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Can We Return to Work Stronger?

The unprecedented shakeup in the world of work continues. Some businesses face a second round of closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while others are cautiously bringing employees back in phases. Despite all of the uncertainty surrounding the return to work, many recruiting teams are ensuring a stronger future for their organization through better hiring. Their strategy starts with finding the right people using a hiring platform that focuses on candidates’ core competencies.

What a stronger return to work looks like

How can we be stronger than when we left? That’s the question recruiting teams are working to address. Part of the answer depends on what “stronger” looks like for your organization. It may mean increasing the percentage of top performers in your workforce or reducing workforce turnover. Pre-employment assessments that report on competencies that drive job-specific performance can help you advance each of these goals. 

Hiring candidates who will hit the ground running

Pre-hire assessments that integrate selection science and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques give recruiting teams the ability to made hiring decisions based on candidates’ predicted on-the-job success. These assessments focus on the core competencies candidates need for high performance in a specific job, such as drives for results, produces quality work, or adapts to change. They can also indicate candidates’ level of turnover risk. As a result, you can quickly move the candidates who will learn the job faster and be more productive forward in the hiring process to give your hiring managers a higher-quality shortlist for interviews. 

When pre-employment assessments are integrated into an enterprise hiring platform like Modern Hire, recruiting teams can assess large numbers of candidates near the top of their funnel. Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts are typically used early in screening and assessment, enabling recruiters to focus most of their attention on candidates shown by these validated assessments to outperform their peers. By deploying a platform like Modern Hire, which is proven to deliver results in terms of new hire productivity and reduced turnover, you can measurably elevate your organization’s workforce’s strength. 

Improving hiring agility

Another part of the solution for coming back stronger than ever is the ability to take hiring 100% virtual when the situation demands. Recruiting teams gain that flexibility to respond to sudden shifts and go entirely virtual with an enterprise hiring platform that integrates pre-hire assessments with video interviewing. The key is finding a platform that promotes personal connection with candidates whether hiring is partially or entirely virtual. Platforms like this enable two-way communication and provide many opportunities for candidates to showcase their abilities. They also offer candidates an engaging way to learn more about the role and see what it’s like to work for that organization. All of these capabilities support you in creating personal hiring experiences for candidates. Recruiting teams place themselves in a stronger position by cultivating this hiring agility. 

Putting the plan in place

As we’ve come to experience, many of the standard ways of doing things both professionally and personally have gone by the wayside during this pandemic. There’s an incredible opportunity to reshape hiring and the workforce in many organizations. You can reduce the uncertainty of change by shifting to hiring practices and tools that put your focus on candidates’ core competencies.

If you’re not sure how to transition your hiring process for a stronger return to work, look at Modern Hire Hiring Blueprints.  Hiring Blueprints provide a repeatable, proven method to evaluate candidates for nearly 60 specific job families with step-by-step guidelines for workflow, interview questions, job-relevant content, and more. With the Modern Hire platform, every step of the hiring process is predictive for recruiting teams, from the first contact through pre-hire assessments. They help concentrate your talent acquisition on present-day hiring performance drivers: efficiency, quality, and fairness.