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Retention Policy (UK)

Retention Policy
Last Updated August 2022

Modern Hire permits its Clients and their authorised users (e.g., a Client’s employment candidates/applicants and a Client’s talent acquisition/recruiting/HR teams) to use various methods to provide information to Modern Hire as required for Modern Hire to provide its Services to the Clients and their users. The data provided may include digital/virtual interviews and/or pre-employment assessments, with video and/or voice recordings, SMS text messages, and/or question responses, which may be multiple choice or text-based (collectively “Data”) and such Data will be produced and digitally stored on servers controlled by Modern Hire. Modern Hire protects this Data in accordance with its Privacy Notice, its contractual obligations to its Clients, and applicable laws.

Employment laws vary by jurisdiction and typically require either a one (1) year or a two (2) year retention period. Modern Hire’s standard retention policy is to delete the raw Data (including related recordings) two (2) years from the user’s last interaction with the Modern Hire Platform or Services. At the Client’s direction, retention schedules may be modified based on the contract between Modern Hire and the Client; such contract obligates both to comply with applicable laws, including those regarding retention periods. The specific retention period applicable to Data is available by contacting Modern Hire at support@modernhire.com.

Please note that any Data which is de-identified is no longer personal data subject to data protection laws, the Privacy Notice, or this Retention Policy; Modern Hire reserves the right to retain and use this de-identified data.