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Video Interviewing Research: Sales Roles

The findings are derived from 300 interview campaigns for sales roles among 200 Sonru clients between August 2018 and February 2019.

The findings from over 1,200 candidates interviewing for sales roles who completed an optional survey during the same period are also included.

The Candidate Experience

  • 98% found the software easy to use
  • 96% satisfaction with the candidate experience
  • 94% would complete a video interview again

Video Interview Completion Specifics

  • 27% completed their video interview on a mobile device
  • 92% completed their video interview at home
  • 58% finished the video interview in their native language

Other Key Findings from Candidates interviewing for Sales Roles

  • 30% of respondents had completed an automated video interview in the past
  • 81% had positive feelings toward the hiring company when they received the invitation, with a further 15% neutral
  • 76% thought the video interview allowed them to demonstrate their skills and experience
  • 93% felt sufficiently informed as to what was required
  • 84% said their opinion of the hiring company improved
  • 91% believe it is fairer to have more than one person assess their video interview

Candidate Feedback: Sales Roles

“Shows a willingness to embrace flexibility and to accommodate to attract the best available talent, which in itself will attract those people to the company.”

“This interview has been the most innovative process that I have ever been apart of, and I’m very excited to see what happens next.”

“I loved it. Convenient and easy, I did not have to move my schedule around to do an interview.”

“It shows that they are embracing the changing world of HR.”

“Really like the format. I think it gives a much better insight into the candidate than a telephone interview would.”

“I really don’t like interviews, but this was pretty good.”

“The Video Interview is a good way to show your personality and confidence level to the interviewer.”

Respondent Demographics: Sales Roles

  • 71% of respondents were under 35 years of age
  • 54% Male and 46% Female

This research spotlight was first published in the Sonru Video Interviewing library, which published contributions and research from Sonru clients and candidates between 2010 and 2020.