Reinvent Your Interview Process and See Results

Across the globe, TA teams are doing interviews differently. Reinventing the interview process was identified as a top hiring trend in LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 report, and recruiters are changing more than just questions. According to the report, traditional interviews are failing both candidates and employers on many fronts.

We’ve rounded up some innovative practices and HR tech strategies to help you update your interviews and get more value from the process.

Let Candidates Demonstrate Their Skills

One of the main drawbacks of traditional interviews is the subjective nature of the insight they offer into candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. To overcome this gap, TA teams use assessments and evidence-based hiring practices. When validated, assessments provide additional data points to help you get a complete view of the candidate. There are lots of industry-specific assessments already in play, like the HackerRank tests for computer programming positions.

You can also ask candidates to complete a project similar to something they would do at work. It’s like a job audition that gives you a deeper look at candidates’ creative thinking and problem-solving skills. And, candidates also get a deeper look at your organization and your approach to their role. Some companies will offer compensation depending on the project requirements.

Interview the Whole Person

Today’s candidates appreciate transparency. Remember, they’re interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. Who says an interview can only happen in a boardroom? Get to know a candidate as an individual by meeting over a cup of coffee or a meal. You’ll get a better feel for soft skills and cultural fit, and give candidates the deeper insight they’re looking for about your organization. Sometimes it’s not the questions you ask, but the discussions and exchange of information that can be most valuable for all involved. Provide details about the position. Describe what factors would make the candidate successful in the role.

Reinvent the Interview

Cut Wait Time from the Process

In the digital age, candidates need steps in hiring to happen in days or a few weeks, not months. The traditional interview process just takes too long. Interviewing technology can speed up your interview process and cut the wait time. Look for a purpose-built interviewing platform that integrates on-demand text interviews, automated scheduling and on-demand video interviews.

Reduce Interviewer Bias

For 42% of LinkedIn study participants, interviewer bias is another shortcoming of traditional interviews. Research shows that interviewers often make their initial assessment about the candidate in the first five minutes and then spend the rest of the interview working to confirm those decisions. You can reduce bias by using on-demand interviewing technology. The questions are asked exactly the same way for each candidate, and the process is standardized.

Make Any Interview More Effective

Finally, consider sending the interview questions ahead of time – who decided they needed to be a surprise? How candidates prepare for your meeting will give you a real-life view on their work ethic and how they perform.

In the same confirmation email message, you can explain that in the interview, you’d like to answer the candidate’s questions right up front. Ask them to think about the role and prepare questions for you. Their questions will give you additional understanding of their thought process.

Effective Interview Questions

With the acceleration of all things digital, an outdated hiring process centered around traditional interviews can drag your hiring down, especially in a talent-scarce market. Refresh your interview process to impress candidates and start building the emotional connection that leads to more hiring wins for your organization.