Reflections from the Strategic Talent Acquisition Event

I look forward to the HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition conference each year. It truly is the perfect storm of event elements. First, there’s the Modern Hire client panel up on stage with four very different companies with different brand identity challenges that tie nicely to video interviewing. Second, there’s the exhibit hall with the Modern Hire team and other “A” players from within HCM and HR Technology.

Third, we host a client/prospect/partner dinner. Well, not even a dinner per se but an experience where we cook a meal together. It fits perfectly with our brand as teamwork creates amazing outcomes. And, fourth, and probably most important is the crowd: A group of like-minded talent acquisition professionals who come together to learn and share their expertise. It’s clear from the vibe of the event no one has it completely figured out. Every company may have a piece of the puzzle squarely working but everyone is there to learn and ready to say “We’re still figuring it out over here but I have a lot I can share about what’s worked over there.”

Clients Sharing the Employer Brand/Video Connection

For months I’ve talked up this event to get our clients excited about the theme and pull them into our group of panelists. This year, Melina from Anheuser-Busch InBev, Mary from Northwell Health, Stephanie from Aramark, and Michelle from Allstate took the stage to tell their stories under the heading, “Consumer-leading companies share their candidate-leading secrets.” Our goal with these panels is never to just launch into a Modern Hire video interviewing story. We know the technology helps promote employer brand, so it’s much more about their stories and examples. These four employers have consumer brand identities, some strong like Anheuser-Busch, and some not – Northwell’s name is months old. But all deal with hundreds of thousands of applicants. Northwell counts one million applicants a year! Each shared how they work to define and attract diverse candidates:

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev: Our speaker focuses on the part of AB-InBev that is looking to attract the top 250 students in the world. A simple and focused goal that is very hard to achieve, especially for those who don’t understand the AB-InBev brand. If you are picturing kegs by the beach, you’ve got the wrong culture and the wrong company! This talent acquisition program needs the best and brightest in the targeted audience to understand that working at AB-InBev is more like working at McKinsey or Goldman Sachs. If you are searching for that stereotypical “beer” culture, apply somewhere else.
  • Northwell: This gargantuan health care company is New York state’s largest private employer with 21 hospitals, over 450 ambulatory centers and practices, and 61,000 employees. Formerly sporting the name North Shore-LIJ, this organization has a brand name that is only a few months old. With one million applicants annually and 40 recruiters, the math adds up to a challenging level of volume, especially as candidates and employees are future patients of the hospital and various facilities. The change to one name now gives Northwell a recruiting reach and consistency that can help bridge the different cultures and promote similar hiring across many facilities. Northwell uses video interviewing to screen one million candidates quickly and effectively.
  • Aramark: This organization serves two billion meals a year and exists behind the scenes in hospitals, schools, ballparks, restaurants and more. Consumers’ experience with the company is through the service professionals they encounter each day. Like AB-InBev, Aramark needs to attract new leaders and young talent. They employed a very high-touch process that cost the company about half of $1 million per year. For second round interviews, they flew hundreds into the headquarters to pick the chosen few. But if this last decade has taught us anything, it’s about being creative and flexible. The Aramark team virtualized that experience, simulating the same high touch experience through video and watched carefully to see if the outcomes would suffer. Aramark is getting better results for second-round interviews with video interviewing.
  • Allstate: Being in good hands with Allstate may not lead people to notions of innovation and creativity, but that’s the truth and exactly the employee value proposition inside this giant employer. Elevating that brand perception is important to build upon the very strong consumer impression that is prevalent across the workforce. Hiring effectiveness is also enormously important, especially for catastrophe teams who swoop into action when disaster strikes. Talk about a very specific skill set with unique people management skills. This is not your run-of-the-mill customer service position.

Our clients shared lessons learned, how video interviewing contributes, and their continuing journey to tell the talent marketplace exactly what their organizations are all about. If anything resonated at HCI’s latest conference it was this: Candidates are powerful and they have choices. If you have a great organization and story to tell, you have to get that story told, loud and clear.

The connection for us is that video interviewing and the Modern Hire platform can help in a ton of ways. Candidates need to get to know the organization and feel that personal connection as quickly as possible. With many of these large organizations, that personal touch may not happen until the final few steps. Well, that’s too late. Video intros and video questions using actual team members set the stage and build context for the candidate, fueling the desire to work at the company.

Video interviewing is transforming the way hiring is done. If there’s room for improvement in your hiring performance, now’s the time to explore this innovative technology. Learn more with a live demo today!